Gun Sales Spike Amid Rioting And Coronavirus Pandemic

Gun Sales Spike Amid Rioting and Coronavirus Pandemic

Following a trend that began in February 2020, the U.S. has been experiencing a gun sales spike. As the country faces a global pandemic, massive unemployment, and now rioting and civil unrest, law-abiding citizens are exercising their 2nd Amendment right to protect themselves with firearms.

A Closer Look at Gun Sales Spike in the U.S.

May is typically a slower month for gun sales, but 1.7 million guns were sold, which marks an 80% increase from May 2019.

Previously, April saw a 71% increase, March a 73% increase, and February a 36% increase.

March 2020 marked the highest gun sales in any single month in the U.S. at 2.5 million.

The FBI processed 3.7 million background checks, which was an increase of 1 million from March 2019.

March 20 broke the record of background check applications at 210,000 in a single day.

Who’s Buying?

Election years have historically influenced gun sales as citizens fear increased gun control measures from a new administration and rush to stock their arsenals. But not everyone buying firearms in 2020 is an avid marksman.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation says that 40% of buyers are first-time gun owners; and of those, 40% are women.

With most Americans facing more economic and social uncertainty than they have experienced in their lifetimes, they are lining up to protect themselves against the unknown.

Many first-time buyers have admitted to not wanting to purchase firearms prior to this year.

Previous Records

Prior to 2020, the previous record for gun sales occurred in January 2013.

Barack Obama was re-elected in November 2012, followed by the Sandy Hook shooting in December of the same year.

The shooting led to a call for increased restrictions, and 2 million firearms were sold in response.

Self-Defense Encouraged by the White House

President Trump has commended the American public for arming themselves and has been vocal in his support of the 2nd Amendment.

As peaceful protests gave way to riots and looting following George Floyd’s Memorial Day death in police custody, the President encouraged business owners to protect their livelihoods by arming themselves and using deadly force if necessary.

With police forces overwhelmed by calls and targeted by rioters, the public has been largely left to fend for themselves.

In March, when several states deemed gun stores “nonessential” and closed them, the White House issued a directive asserting that firearms dealers are in fact essential businesses.

The states quickly reopened the stores.

Armed Citizens Protect Cities

Rioting and looting have taken place in dozens of cities since May 25. This leads to business owners and concerned citizens to take matters into their own hands.

Both made headlines by standing guard over private property while visibly armed in California, Idaho, Minnesota, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Washington State.

California prohibits open carry, but those brandishing weapons in the remaining states are well within their rights.

Multiple videos were captured of would-be looters retreating after being confronted with rifles and shotguns.

Americans Voting with their Wallets

Despite increased gun control legislation being introduced in many jurisdictions, with new restrictions passing each year, Americans are voting with their wallets.

And in 2020, they are overwhelmingly voting in favor of the 2nd Amendment and their right to keep and bear arms.

How do you feel about this gun sales spike in the U.S.? We'd love to hear from you in the comments section!

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7 Responses to :
Gun Sales Spike Amid Rioting And Coronavirus Pandemic

  1. Ron ODell says:

    all for it you need to take care of you and your family ,can’t count on police or the goverment

    1. Ken says:

      Spot on!

  2. For those who have been trained not only to fire their weapons and trained in gun safety ( although,
    gun safety requires continued awareness and training), good for you and good for society. Yes…..
    Society. For those who are buying a gun for the first time, immediately get a lot of training.
    Just because you now own a gun and you think you are ” ready” for home protection, you are not.
    By all means get a copy of the best book on the role of the firearm in personal protection titled
    ” IN THE GRAVEST EXTREME” by Massad F. Ayoob. Your local gun shop or shooting range should have them or know where you can get the book.
    That book is not just to read once and put it back on the bookshelf. Oh no. It is a book that you will want/have to refer to often. Believe me. If you had to use your weapon in a home invasion for
    example and hurt or kill one of the invaders, this book will educate you. That is why the title is

  3. sid goldfarb says:

    I have heard that far left protester looter types are taking over certain areas for themselves. These areas are not to be patrollled by the police any longer AND these people are openly carrying AK tpe weapons even though that is against the law in those areas. If I did this , I would be arrested, but these areas are not having the same rule of law applied. Welcome to the new world. Maybe the residents there will figure out who to vote for this November

  4. Mikial says:

    If you think Covid 19 has pushed gun sales, wait till the statistics come in after the Democrats push for defunding police departments. Police have never been able to protect the public, but with the push for a police-less society, we will really be on our own., They won’t even be around to investigate crimes after the fact and criminals (read that Democrat constituents) will have a field day.

  5. rottenrollin says:

    This is KARMA for the Left !!!

    They have dragged out the COVID shutdown and restrictions as much and as long as possible, purely to try to hurt Trump…….while hurting Americans.

    They have put stand down orders on their police and not called in/used the guard, prolonging and deepening the riots, looting and shooting, and burning……again, to try to hurt Trump……while hurting Americans.

    They continue to fight AGAINST the Second Amendment, trying to sneak in HR 5717 to further restrict gun ownership and use, sneaking this while their COVID and their RIOTS continue……… While hurting Americans.


  6. Scott Salisbury says:

    The reason liberals want us to disarm is so that we will not be able to stop them from taking over. Look at all these countries that are socialist run. All of those populations are disarmed first. That has been their plan long before Nazi Pelosi and all of her ilk came into power. An unarmed society is easy to dominate.

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