Gun Sales Surge as Coronavirus Pandemic Escalates

Gun Sales Surge as Coronavirus Pandemic Escalates

If you’ve tried purchasing a firearm recently, you may have noticed inventory is low. You might have waited in a long line just to get inside a gun store.

As tensions rise over the Coronavirus pandemic, Americans are stocking up – and not just on toilet paper. Some gun store owners are reporting sales spikes of 50-100%, and many buyers are first-time gun purchasers.

Just check out this video from a gun shop in Las Vegas, where they said they've put through 250 background checks in just the past few days.

The shelves are very noticeably empty.

The FBI processed 2.8 million background checks for gun purchases in February 2020, which is a 36% increase over February 2019.

And at a time when the stock market is crashing, stocks for publicly traded gun sellers are actually up.

It’s true that economic and political instability spur gun sales. Gun sales also typically increase in election years. But as States of Emergency are declared throughout the United States, a very real threat of limiting access to firearms and ammunition becomes a reality. 

Champaign, Illinois was one of the first cities to declare a State of Emergency that gave Mayor Feinin powers that include ceasing sales of firearms. While these powers have not been exercised at this time, the public understands that the possibility is there.

Many businesses are limiting open hours or temporarily closing altogether, and banks are likely to be next. If banks do close their lobbies, online services and ATMs would still be available to customers. But average people may find themselves holding more cash at home for convenient use. 

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With much of the population working from home or out of work due to coronavirus fears, it is more important than ever to protect yourself and your home. As people become more desperate, dangers become more prevalent. There is no end in sight to the closures and limiting of business. Many hourly and seasonal workers are without jobs, and are the most likely to be living paycheck to paycheck.

As more businesses close and more resources are allocated to medical emergencies, confidence in 911 responses is down. The general public sees the need to provide their own protection.

In addition to gun sales, “prepping” supplies are also selling well. Military rations, body armor, medical kits, and tactical gear are also flying off the shelves. As the landscape of our country changes, people are seeing the need for personal protection more than ever. Confidence in the governments’ ability to protect its citizens is dwindling.

It’s important to remember and practice gun safety in the home, especially as school closings are leaving more children at home. Always secure firearms and ammunition, and talk to your children about gun safety. Accidental shootings continue to be an issue with unsecured weapons and uneducated owners. 

Before purchasing a firearm, research what type of gun would suit your needs. Visit a range where you can shoot the weapon and familiarize yourself with how to properly use and store it. Keep in mind that mandatory background checks require a waiting period before picking up your firearm, so act quickly once you decide to purchase. 

Many websites are sold out of popular makes and models. When possible, shop local.

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Gun Sales Surge as Coronavirus Pandemic Escalates

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