Gun Scopes And Sights You Should Invest In

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There are a plethora of different gun scopes you could invest in. Find out what you’re looking for depending on what you need your firearm to do.

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Gun Scopes, You Can Mount on Your Gun

Optics Shortlist

There are optics for long-range shooting as well as ones designed for close-quarters combat. Either way, this shortlist is designed to help you get started down the path to choosing the right one for your application.

Red Dot


Although these are the most ‘basic’ of sights when it comes to technology, they are by no means less effective. As the name implies, these sights use a bright red (or green) dot illuminating on your given target.

Regardless of the shooter’s eye position, these sights provide a reliable and stable aiming point every time.

Of these ‘genres’ of sights, one of the best is the Aimpoint Micro TI. It is on the expensive side, as far as red dot sights go.

Then again, it is currently one of the most highly rated red dot sights on the market. This is due to the fact that it is extraordinarily small and very light, yet does the job of other bulkier more complex sights.

This is key as the size and weight of your weapon have great bearing on both your comfort and your shooting success. The Aimpoint has six brightness settings as well as seven daylight settings to help you customize your red dot to get the best use from it.

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Holographic Sight


Slightly more complex than the red dot sight, holographic sight systems project a reticle (or a dot) over the target.

What is a Holographic Sight? An optic system that uses a laser to produce a holographic image of the target.

When the shooter aligns the weapon with the chosen target, holographic systems automatically superimpose the reticle onto your target making it almost effortless to take the ideal shot.

Even though they’ve come under some heat as of late, EOTech’s system is second to none. Celebrated by many in the shooting world as one of the best, EOTech has created an almost flawless sight which is very user-friendly.

Not only is it easy to both mount and dismount, but the reticle itself is clear and accurate.

Long Range


If you’re planning on doing any long-range target practice or hunting, aim for a decent optics rifle to mount on your gun. In fact, some have said you usually pay more for your firearm scopes, than you do for the gun itself.

There are too many long-range optic manufacturers to list, but you really can’t go wrong with something made by NighForce or Leupold.

Check out this video by Pew Pew Tactical about Red Dots vs EOTech holographic sights:

There are countless optics out there for you to choose from. The most important thing is you choose one that suits your needs.

And, obviously, you don’t want to buy more optic than you’ll need. So, when you decide to buy, make sure you check out the latest reviews to ensure you’re getting the best one your hard-earned money can buy.

Have you decided which type of gun scope to mount on your firearm? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on May 14, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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Gun Scopes And Sights You Should Invest In

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