Gun Shows Closing Down in California – What It Means

Gun Shows Closing Down in California – What It Means

It’s unfortunately no surprise that the push for the closure of gun shows in California has begun to reach critical mass, although the Coronavirus outbreak may be slowing things down somewhat.

California is already a state ruled by the cities on the coast and in the south, which are historically progressive and left even though many in the Mountain and Central Valley regions of the state are more conservative. Now it seems that the push for gun show closure may be reaching a conclusion.

Gun Shows in California

Californian gun shows are already different from most other gun shows in the nation.

The biggest difference between these gun shows and others is that you can't roll up and head home with a new firearm. Instead, at California gun shows you can only buy a new gun if you follow the same procedures as you would at a regular gun store.

These procedures include:

  • making the transaction through a licensed dealer
  • going through a background check
  • waiting for a 10 day period before you can take possession of your newly purchased gun

Therefore, California gun shows are actually the gun show type least likely to bring about the boogeymen killers that gun show protesters are afraid of.

You literally can’t buy a new gun California show and walk off the property with it the same day. This prevents crimes of passion where someone might want to use a firearm in a fit of rage. The waiting period gives them time to cool down.

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Why California Is Such a Debate Hotbed

In many ways, California is a battleground state in the gun control debate. When statistics can be manipulated and data-driven arguments don’t really change minds on either side, the gun control debate boils down to a war of ideologies.

Many proponents of closing down gun shows in California claim that it’s the very gun culture that is the thing to eliminate. This makes sense when you consider that gun shows they want to close down can't provide would-be evildoers with weapons the way they say.

The truth, of course, is that they hate everything to do with guns and gun culture and believe that exposing kids to firearms can lead them to develop bad habits.

The other side with the Second Amendment believes that understanding the place of firearms in daily life and the potential service that can provide for defense are invaluable lessons not only for young children but for adults.

Additionally, gun shows provide firearm enthusiasts and self-defense experts opportunities to connect with one another and strengthen the social networks that make the country great.

More importantly, gun shows demonstrate how to use and respect firearms safely in a way that back alley deals and illegal meetings do not. Many arguers against gun shows don’t consider this aspect and imagine the shows to be congregations of nutcases (which we all know just isn’t true).

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Ultimately, the gun control debate will likely rage for some time in California, but regular gun shows on the weekends at conventions may be in real jeopardy. The state is continuing to trend left and Democrat, which is highly correlated with gun control proponents. It may be that, in the future, Second Amendment protectors and firearm enthusiasts will need to head to another state in order to attend gun shows and purchase the ammunition they need for their weapons.

But with the right voting and campaigning, perhaps minds can be changed. The debate isn’t over, and as people buy more guns in light of the virus pandemic, the tide may yet shift in our favor.

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