Newsom Signs Bill On Gun Tracing Technology, Conflicts With NRA

Newsom Signs Bill On Gun Tracing Technology, Conflicts With NRA

What is the new gun tracing technology In California all about? And why does the NRA not like it? Here's what we know so far.

California's Gun Tracing Technology: For Better or Worse?

The California legislature never seems to stop placing limitations on guns and gun technology.

Most recently, Gov. Newsom passed legislation ostensibly intended to make illegal gun use easier for police to track during criminal investigations.

But it may have some unintended consequences for regular firearm owners that may make the already limited firearm situation in California much worse.

Law AB2847

In short, Gov. Newsom signed Law AB 2847 on September 29, 2020. The details of the measure are as follows:

  • All new pistol models sold in California have to include micro-stamping technology by the above law’s enactment date (when it is active as opposed to signed), which is July 1, 2022
  • This gun tracing technology will theoretically make certain guns easier to trace by law enforcement if/when they are used in crimes
  • Furthermore, new California pistols must also include certain safety measures, including magazine disconnect mechanisms and chamber load indicators

The law as written is intended to protect California citizens.

It also aims to assist law enforcement personnel while also minimizing the impact on responsible and legal gun owners.


This law has been in the works for several years.

Specifically, Gov. Newsom and the National Rifle Association (NRA) have been debating the efficacy and necessity of such a law since as early as 2016, when the two sides first clashed over Proposition 63.

That initiative was the then-latest in a long line of California legislation that regulated guns and ammunition, even for law-abiding citizens.

Since that time, the NRA has sued California half a dozen times to challenge various gun laws, including the above proposition.

Background | Newsom Signs Bill On Gun Tracing Technology, Conflicts With NRA

Previously, gun-tracing legislation like the above law has been delayed.

Firearm manufacturers have pointed out that it’s difficult to comply with rules requiring two micro stamps as opposed to just one on every weapon.

However, Law AB 2847 has “solved” this issue by allowing only one micro stamp per firearm.

How the Law Will Work

This law’s mandated processes will require the printing of microscopic characters on bullet cartridge casings when firing a weapon.

Basically, a cartridge fired from a firearm could then theoretically be traced back to that firearm, which could assist with criminal investigations.

The law enjoys the support of many law enforcement leaders throughout California since it will ostensibly make their jobs much easier.

However, the law comes with additional consequences in order to accelerate the implementation of the stamping protocol.

Specifically, the law requires the Atty. Gen. to get rid of three models of appropriate handguns from the current legal list across California.

This artificially limits the types of firearms that law-abiding citizens can purchase.

And it’s this part of the bill that the NRA and the California Rifle and Pistol Association oppose.

Future Consequences

Time will tell whether the gun tracing technology that stamps pistol cartridges will actually assist law enforcement in a statistically significant manner.

In the meantime, the California Sportsman’s Lobby has pointed out they will reduce the number and variety of pistols available for law-abiding citizens, like sports shooters, to purchase.

This is, therefore, a severe limitation on the freedoms of most California citizens.

Aside from this negative aspect, however, the law should not overly limit the usage of certain pistols and handguns (or at least, not more than California legislation already does).

Law-abiding citizens with certain weaponry don’t necessarily need to do anything just yet.

The law only applies to new pistols made or shipped to California.

However, the law may eventually expand to include pistol models already in circulation.

Gun owners should therefore check the pistols they own and see if the new law applies to their currently owned firearms.

Do you think that this bill is unfair to law-abiding gun-owning citizens? Tell us why or why not in the comments section!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on October 22, 2020, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

6 Responses to :
Newsom Signs Bill On Gun Tracing Technology, Conflicts With NRA

  1. O. King says:

    SO – are you in violation if the mechanism to imprint the casing wears out and no longer stamps? A few steel casing might blunt the stamp. There may be a market for a carbide dummy round just to blunt it.
    Seems the simplest solution is to no longer sell guns in California – see how well that works when the police can lo longer obtain what they need – oh, that’s right, they want to get rid of the police anyway.

    1. Silver Fox says:

      The intent of governor nuisance and pelosi socialist democrats is to stop gun sales in socialist people’s republik of Kalifornia one step at a time (restrict).😡 the government (including cops and guards) do not have to comply with such restrictions. The democrats criminals won’t comply. If you want constitutional rights in this state you need to get rid of the socialist democrat politicians.😃

  2. Billy Wilson says:

    This is a try at backdoor infringement on the 2nd, Newsum is anti-gun this is a try at stopping all gun ownership. N.Pelosi is getting Democrat’s in line for taking all guns with laws that let criminals get free time ,while a citizen with no criminal charges is now a criminal for owning a gun under the 2nd Amendment. They want to destroy the 2nd like Facsists and the Nazi did in europe .Linin did this in Russia. Will we turn communist now.

  3. Gavin Newsom needs to be taken out and flogged repeatedly everyday buy a legal gun owner until all of legal gun owners get their opportunity to flog this less than a man I believe that would either make him a man or he can reveal that he is a communist or the flogging will continue This is a piece of vermin scat mr Newsom or should I say Miss Newsom

  4. Tim Toroian says:

    How about passing some laws similar to RICO for gang members, one drive shooting, and arrest the entire gang. And really long sentences for felons with firearms such as 20 years for the first offense and life for the second and last one.
    Steel wool should take care of microstamping on brass and stamping bullets wouldn’t make much sense and it would take a supercomputer to keep track of tangents in every batch of gunpowder if some schmuck brings that up again.
    Somebody should tell Newsome to start a gun factory and get manufacturers to stop selling to California as Ronnie Barrett did when the .50s were banned there. He even made them come pickup repairs that hadn’t been finished.

  5. Scott Woodman says:

    Hey Tim, not all felons are idiots and violent some made wrong one time decisions and lose a right that they value very much! The right to protect themself, family and property by the 2nd amendment, but luckily for you the way things are going with gun laws it won’t matter who you are to get a 20 year sentence for a bb gun. Can’t people figure out it’s the people that need change not gun laws,but then again lucky for you! Got the answers good luck and keep tight grip n grouping

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