Gun Value of the Top 40 Guns | What is the Current Blue Book of Gun Values?

shotgun-on-wooden-background Blue book of gun values | Gun Blue Book | Gun Value

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Bluebook & Values

This gun blue book showcases the 40 best guns and their gun values.

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Gun Value | What is the Current Blue Book of Gun Values?

arabic-historical-tools-were-used-last Blue book of gun values

1. Benelli M3 Convertible

The Benelli M3 Convertible can switch from semi-automatic to pump action. This dual-mode shotgun is durable, reliable, and always ready to shoot.

Gun Value: It's a versatile firearm that sells for only $1590. While expensive for some, it is self-defense insurance through and through.

You can't put a price tag on that.

2. Benelli Nova/Supernova

The Benelli Nova/Supernova is a solid and durable 5-shot capacity pump-action shotgun.

Gun Value: The stock and receiver make one solid unit sold at a reasonable $690.

3. Beretta 486 Parallelo

Gun Value: At $5350, the Beretta 486 Parallelo is quite expensive but a durably-made top-quality side-by-side shotgun.

They say it's a gentleman's gun made for the top game.

4. Beretta A400 Xcel

The A400 Xcel's follow-up shots are 36% faster than other fast-cycling shotguns. But, despite its power, it also has reduced recoil, which allows for a softer shooting.

Gun Value: These are just some advanced features for a price tag of $1820.

5. Beretta 1873 Renegade

The Beretta 1873 Renegade has an imposing quality and smooth action. It's a steel-framed, lever-action rifle with a capacity of 10 shots.

Gun Value: The selling price of this firearm is around $1350.

6. Chiappa Little Badger

The Chiappa Little Badger is a super-compact rifle with a unique wireframe stock. It's the kind of gun you give your mom on Mother's Day because of its weight and ease of use.

When it folds in half, you'll think it's just another toy gun. But this little guy shoots in .22lr and .22wmr calibers.

Gun Value: $200 or less

7. Chiappa 1887 Lever Action

This Chiappa 1887 is another John Browning Classic. If you're fond of watching cowboy movies, you'll definitely see one of these shotguns.

Gun Value: Although no longer in production, it's a sought-after gun by collectors and still sells for up to $1000.

Strap this on along with a couple of revolvers, and you'll be a 21st-century John Wayne in a jiffy.

8. Chiappa 1886

The Chiappa 1886 lever-action rifle is available in 5, 7, and 8-shot magazine capacity. This is similar to the Winchester model designed by John Browning.

It features a quick and easy breakdown. It's so tiny, you can hide under a nook and not have this gunpoint out.

Gun Value: You can buy one of these rifles for $1500.

9. Cimarron 1885 High Wall

This 1885 High Wall is a single-shot rifle designed by John Browning himself when he was 24 years old. It is known for its simplicity.

This gun's manufacturing rights were bought by the General Manager of Winchester.

Gun Value: The price of this rifle is $1115.

10. CZ USA 612/620

This CZ USA 4-shot capacity pump-action shotgun has better components than others in its price range. Shotguns semi-auto are great, but nothing compares to the kick and feel of a pump action.

Gun Value: At $405, you get great value for a top-quality firearm. The rail also allows you to attach accessories, namely, a reflex sight.

11. Franchi Affinity

The Franchi Affinity is a slim and light semi-automatic shotgun with fiber optic front sights. In addition, it features an inertia-driven system for modern shotguns.

Gun Value: It is built to the highest standards for $900.

12. Henry Big Boy

The Henry Big Boy is a lever-action shot rifle with 20-inch octagonal barrels. It's a nice piece of American craftsmanship with a capacity of 10 shots in various calibers.

Gun Value: This rifle's $900 price tag is very reasonable.

13. Kalashnikov USA MP-27

The Kalashnikov USA MP-27 is famous among hunters in the USSR. While the Kalashnikov is best known for their rifles, the USA MP-27 is still a force to be reckoned with.

A pioneer of vertically-aligned shafts, this classic hunting shotgun has a modest price tag of $615. As far as gun parts for replacements go, they won't be hard to find.

14. Kel-Tec KSG

This firearm is Kel-Tec's introduction to the shotgun market. It is a scary-looking gun that would make the NRA look twice.

Gun Value: Its compact size is a bit deceiving for holding a 12-shot mag operated in pump action. Nevertheless, this shotgun sells at around $990.

The integrated rail system allows you to put accessories such as flashlights and sights for an extra cool factor and tactical ability.

15. Merkel Over and Under

This is another Merkel shotgun featuring over and under barrels.

Gun Value: The name already speaks about the quality of this gun and its price tag of $15,845.

Not really surprising for Merkel-made firearms. And, as with Merkel, shooting this gun is really, really fun.

16. Merkel K3/K4 Single Shot

This single-shot capacity rifle is handcrafted by one of Germany's most revered gun makers.

Gun Value: Made for the actual elite game, these guns sell at a jaw-dropping $15,395, clearly not a weapon for amateurs.

It's not bolt action, so you won't need to worry about the mechanics throwing off your aim. However, it's still a Merkel, so you can be sure that gun parts will be pretty expensive.

17. Merkel 96K Drilling

This 96K Drilling is another masterpiece made by Merkel. A gun with three barrels composed of a side-by-side shotgun in 12 or 20 gauge and a rifle barrel underneath.

Gun Value: It's pretty expensive at $9,000. But, considering the manufacturer and the shotgun-and-rifle make, the price tag is justifiable.

18. Mossberg Maverick Over/Under

This over/under shotgun by Mossberg made in Turkey is very good for bird hunting.

Gun Value: The trigger of this gun is a bit heavy but is still a quality shotgun sold at $535 or less.

19. Mossberg Silver Reserve II Side-by-Side

The Mossberg Silver Reserve II Side-by-Side is an excellent option for bird hunting and sporting clays. This shotgun is known for easy maneuverability as well as outstanding balance.

Gun Value: It's a firearm of quality and affordability at $850.

20. Mossberg Silver Reserve II Over/Under

This Mossberg is another over and under shotgun with a moderate price tag.

Gun Value: At $980, you get a nifty gun for sporting clay and upland bird hunting.

21. Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag

This Mossberg shotgun was made to aid waterfowl hunters with the migration to steel shot. Its pump action 5-shot capacity shotgun gives you great value for your money.

Gun Value: At $630, it's a reasonable price for another quality hunting gun.

22. Mossberg 535 ATS

The Mossberg 535 ATS is a nicely weighted gun with super smooth pump action.

Gun Value: With a five-shot capacity and a price tag of $590, this shotgun is another excellent product from Mossberg.

23. Mossberg Maverick 88

The Mossberg Maverick 88 shotgun's barrel can be interchanged with the Mossberg 500. That is, if they have the same gauge and capacity.

For a good reason, some law enforcement forces look to Mossberg as their go-to shotgun manufacturer.

Gun Value: It allows the shooter to have options for hunting purposes at an affordable price of $310.

24. Mossberg 464

This is a reinvention of the western style cowboy gun. The lever-action Mossberg 464 has 13 rounds magazine capacity.

It takes some inspiration from old-school Winchester shotguns, but it is its own breed.

Gun Value: It's an inexpensive rifle for $520, also available in 3-dot adjustable fiber optic sights.

25. Remington 870

The Remington 870 is one of the most versatile pump-action shotguns globally. As a result, the US military and police have adopted this top-quality firearm known for its tactical use.

Gun Value: At $670, you get one of the most durable shotguns globally.

This is a great mother's day gift because this gun is easy to handle and maintain.

26. Remington Versa Max

The Remington Versa Max was named shotgun of the year by American Rifleman. One cool feature is its self-cleaning piston design capable of cycling thousands of rounds without cleaning.

Gun Value: The selling price of this Versa Max is around $1500.

27. Remington 7600

The Remington 7600 features a four-round magazine with rapid repeat shots.

Gun Value: As a big-game rifle, it's famous for being very reliable in hunting deer at a reasonable price of $845.

28. Rock Island Armory M5

The Rock Island Armory M5 was first made for law enforcement.

Gun Value: At a very affordable price of $250, it's also great for personal protection and home defense.

29. Rossi Matched Pair

The Rossi Matched Pair is an interchangeable shotgun and rifle combo. It's compact, so if you need to travel lightweight, carrying both guns for hunting or for whatever reason, the matched pair is perfect.

Gun Value: Prices are at around $200 or less.

30. Stoeger Coach Supreme

Gun Value: The Stoeger Coach Supreme is sold at $500.

This double-barrel shotgun features two triggers with the other to use in case of a misfire.

31. Stoeger Coach

The Stoeger Coach is another lightweight shotgun weighing only 7 lbs. It comes with beautiful grade A satin walnut stocks.

Gun Value: This double-barrel shotgun, suitable for hunting and home defense, sells at a reasonable price range of $449 to $549.

So why not bring a bolt action along?

32. Stoeger Uplander

Gun Value: The Stoeger Uplander is another 2-shot capacity double-barrel shotgun with only $500.

Don't be deceived by the dollar value of this firearm.

It's as smooth and accurate as of its more expensive counterparts.

33. Stoeger Longfowler

This classic duck gun is sort of an upgraded Uplander.

Gun Value: It's available both side-by-side and over/under double barrels that sell at around $450.

As the name suggests, this Stoeger shotgun is ideal for hunting waterfowl.

34. Stoeger Condor

Gun Value: The Stoeger Condor is an over and under shotgun that sells at around $675.

Over/under shotguns are known to be expensive, which makes this Stoeger an excellent deal for shooters looking for a gun to use for bird hunting and clay shooting.

35. Stoeger P-350

The Stoeger P-350 is a rugged and reliable shotgun designed to fire any 12 gauge ammunition.

Gun Value: This Stoeger offers one of the best value pump-action shotguns, selling only $415.

36. Taurus Thunderbolt

The Taurus Thunderbolt is fast, accurate, and operates in pump action. The stocks are made of hardwood with curved metal butt plates.

Gun Value: Its button-rifled barrel also features improved accuracy and sells at $760.

37. Taylor's Wyatt Earp Coach Gun

Wyatt Earp is a legend in the days of the wild west. This coach gun was his weapon of choice in his battles against outlaws.

Gun Value: It's still a reliable firearm at $1650, classic, and famous.

38. Taylor's 1892 Alaskan Takedown

The Alaskan Takedown rifle is a mix of traditional design and modern technology. It's one of the fastest lever-action firearms, mainly made for hunting.

Gun Value: With stocks made of anti-shock rubber, you can buy this gun for $1377.

39. Uberti Lightning

When the Uberti Lightning's design was patented as a pump-action repeater, it was potentially faster than the Winchester design.

Gun Value: This rifle first hit the market in 1884 and is still good-looking and reliable for $1280.

40. Uberti Silverboy

The Uberti Silverboy has a receiver made of aluminum alloy. It operates in lever action with 14-shot mags designed for a wide range of shooters.

Gun Value: At $560, this Uberti rifle is very affordable.

Have you decided which rifle or shotgun to purchase? Unfortunately, there are so many options for you out there it's impossible for me to actually make a complete list.

For beginners, I recommend the Stoeger double-barrel group of shotguns. They are reliable and affordable. As for the seasoned shooters, I guess you already know which gun you want to try next.

Which of these brands do you prefer for your rifles and shotguns?

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