Gear Review: 80% Arms Easy Jig And Mil Spec Lower

July 14, 2016 Two 80% lowers and a few jig pieces later, and I finally finished my very own 80% AR-15 lower that is ready to be assembled. The following are my thoughts and a short review about the jig...

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July 14, 2016 / Comments (6)

.357 Magnum Slam Fire Carbine Build

July 8, 2016 Click Here To See The Comments Okay, so you asked for it, and you got it. I reached out to YouTuber Royal Nonesuch to get his build info on the slam-fire .357 Magnum carbine that we...

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July 8, 2016 / Comments (7)

Homemade Shotgun Ammunition: Flat Washers

July 1, 2016 Click Here To See The Comments One of the most devastating weapons of all time is the shotgun. Something that many shooters don't know, is that you can actually make your own shotgun ammo,...

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July 1, 2016 / Comments (4)

How To Cook Bacon With An M-16

May 12, 2016 Click Here To See The Comments Have you ever been on the range and got a hankering for some bacon, but you left your portable grill in the truck and all you have is a trusty M-16? Come on,...

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May 12, 2016 / Comments (4)

Ammo Reloading for your Guns | Reloading Supplies You’ll Need

March 12, 2015 Click Here To See The Comments There comes a time when reloading ammo is a much more practical option… Buying new bullets for your gun is out of the question,...

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March 12, 2015 / Comments (1)


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