The Handgun Safety Test For Beginners

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Gear Hunting Safety

If you were to take a handgun safety test for beginners, would you be able to pass? Rookies often tend to ignore handgun safety when handling or training with their firearms. But even long-time shooters can still make rookie mistakes. Thus, it's important to always re-learn the basics of handgun safety for beginners and pros alike.

The Handgun Safety Test For Beginners

Firearms Tips and Techniques for Beginners: Basic Gun Safety Rules

The few basic firearm safety rules aside, there are extra tips Doc Faulken has to offer. While following these rules, you'll be sure to avoid accidents and refrain from injuring yourself. In addition, while applying these rules in training, muscle memory will kick in allowing you to practice proper handgun safety subconsciously. Watch as Doc Faulken discusses the basics of handgun safety!

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On this video, Doc explains the four basic rules of handgun safety. First of all, assume there is live ammunition in every gun. In addition, point the gun in a safe direction unless you're ready to shoot. Lastly, keep your finger off the trigger at all times.

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Keeping the index finger high up and away from the trigger as much as possible results in a very safe pistol carry position. While moving or doing stuff with your free hand, you don't accidentally move your index to the trigger and cause a misfire.


The Sul position points the muzzle directly to the ground thus keeping the target away from any person. This is a very safe position that everyone should learn.

Finally, putting the gun back in its holster is tantamount to all the basic rules of firearm safety. There's no prize for who's the fastest man to holster his gun. Just do it carefully and you'll be a happy camper.

Learning these rules as a beginner will instill safety mechanics into your mind until you become a pro. And even for experts, it's important to glance at these tips once in a while just to refresh your memory. Because having knowledge safety precautions, especially in hunting is not an option –it is a must. Now will you pass the handgun safety test? Tell us what you think!

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