Handguns For Women: How To Pick A Piece

Handguns For Women

Handguns aren’t just toys for boys; they’re vital self-defense tools that men and women alike can both benefit from. However, far too few women look into handguns as a viable self-defense option, never mind actually training with them.

Let’s take a look at why handguns for women are important and show you a brief example of one of our favorites.

Why Women Need Handguns

Let’s face it, women are smaller and weaker than men. This isn’t meant to be judgmental, but it is an observation of the facts. This means that women are generally in more danger when walking alone or in a public crisis.

However, many have observed that guns are great equalizers between the sexes. A woman with the right handgun and training can take on even the biggest guy who tries to give her trouble.

Whether she needs it for self-defense when walking home at night or in her own home, a woman can benefit from purchasing and training with a handgun more than many men can.

In a way, a handgun gives a woman the self-reliance and confidence many men already have because of their strength.

Ideal Handguns for Women

While women can still make use of handguns for similar reasons as men, they often need slightly different models of pistols compared to men. Women generally have smaller hands and different frames, with lower centers of gravity due to their hips.

But women enjoy a slight advantage over men when it comes to shooting; they tend to blink less with every shot fired. No wonder several famous snipers have been women over the years!

The ideal handgun for women will be easy to hold and have a textured grip, so it’s more difficult to drop if the hands become sweaty. But the handgun should also be relatively lightweight and easy to draw, especially in tight quarters.

Many women will want a concealed carry holster, so finding something that fits that holster is paramount.

Finally, many women would also benefit from picking up a handgun that doesn’t have a ton of recoil. While many women can handle the kickback of a standard Desert Eagle, many more will benefit from having a steadier weapon that isn’t quite so hard to grip.

One more thing: The handgun should have enough stopping power to take down an attacker in one or two bullets. This may be of critical importance in an actual self-defense situation. The 9mm compact rounds or similar should be fine for many women, for example.

What’s a Good Handgun for Women?

So, what’s an ideal handgun for women? Allow us to introduce the:

Glock G43 Handgun

This pistol is a phenomenal piece of hardware for both men and women, but it has several features that will make it attractive for the fairer sex specifically.

For starters, it's very small and lightweight with a beavertail design; this prevents it from snagging on your clothes if you draw it from a concealed carry holster.

It also has an excellently textured grip to prevent you from dropping it and features a gas nitride finish for extra durability.

But ultimately, it’s a great choice because it’s exceptionally easy to handle and doesn’t provide tons of recoil. It’s built with a 6+1 capacity. It’s small, easy to use, and chambered with powerful 9 mm Luger rounds.

Self-Defense for Women

Even if you’re not a huge fan of our favorite handgun for women, you can’t deny the importance of getting your own firearm as a female. Be sure to consider your options carefully and look into the concealed carry laws in your state.

We firmly believe independent women should be armed and know how to use firearms for their own defense and the defense of their families.

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Editor's Note: This article was originally published on April 5, 2020, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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