HB 2344: Pennsylvania Targets Ammunition Purchases

HB 2344

It seems that each day brings new proposed anti-gun and anti-ammunition legislation on both the state and federal level.

It is critical that we remain vigilant in defending our 2nd Amendment rights on behalf of law-abiding citizens. The attacks on our liberties are frequent, creative, and all encompassing.

Today’s questionable legislation comes from Pennsylvania, where on March 10, 2020, Rep. Tom Murt introduced House Bill 2344. HB 2344 targets ammunition purchases by adding fees, waiting periods, and gatekeepers to the process.

Currently in Pennsylvania, citizens can easily purchase ammunition online and have it delivered directly to their homes. Ammunition can also be purchased outside of the state and brought to the purchaser’s home.

HB 2344 would make both of these practices obsolete, and complicate the purchase of ammunition on every level.

Step 1: Apply for Permit, Pay Fee

Under HB 2344, the first step in purchasing ammunition would be applying for an Ammunition Purchase Authorization Permit, with a cost of $50 and a waiting period of up to 30 days.

The state police would control permits and all permits would expire after 4 years, requiring the application and purchase of a new permit.

All permits would be tracked and could be revoked at any time. A central database of permit holders would be created.

This already sounds like unconstitutional rights infringement, but there’s more.

All bullet purchases in the state would be subjected to an additional $3 surcharge collected by the state.

Step 2: Purchase Only Through Gatekeepers

And forget about buying online – all purchases would have to be made via face-to-face transfer with a licensed importer, manufacturer, or dealer. A licensed dealer would even have to be involved if ammunition was purchased outside the state and the owner wanted to transport it to their home.

This means that if you were on a hunting trip in North Dakota, bought some bullets, and were driving home to Pennsylvania, you would have to ship these bullets to a dealer and pick them up at a later time.

Law enforcement is exempt from HB 2344.

Step 3: Make a Mistake, Go to Jail for 10 Years

Those who violate HB 2344 would be guilty of a second-degree felony and face 5-10 years in prison with a fine of up to $25,000. This is on par with an involuntary manslaughter charge.

Luckily, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee in Pennsylvania Rob Kauffman has spoken out about the unconstitutional nature of HB 2344 and his unwillingness to support a bill that strips citizens of their rights.

But once again, legislators seek to put a price on the right to bear arms that is out of reach for many law-abiding citizens.

Requiring permit approvals that can be revoked at any time allows state police to deny any and all applicants with minor offences on their records. The door would be open for denials to be issued based on political viewpoints or personal disagreements.

Stay vigilant out there. When our firearms are not at risk, our ammunition is.

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