HB 516 Is A Win For Gun Owners: Idaho Extends Constitutional Carry To All Americans

HB 516 Is A Win For Gun Owners

House Bill 516 or HB 516 is now a law in Idaho.

It's perfect timing, given the need for self-defense in a time of panic and crisis.

HB 516 | Idaho Gun Owners Approve

After years of increased gun and ammunition restrictions across the US, 2020 has not started off any better – until now. While states like Pennsylvania seek to restrict ammunition purchases, Idaho is successfully fighting for freedom.

Idaho Governor Brad Little has signed HB 516 into law, extending Constitutional Carry to all Americans, throughout Idaho, with no restrictions.

Constitutional Carry – An Anomaly Among States

Despite the Constitution of the United States clearly calling for “the right of the people to keep and bear arms,” many states have worded their individual constitutions to limit access to these arms.

In fact, there are only 15 states that allow for Constitutional Carry, which means citizens can own and carry a firearm without a permit from the state.

Nine states will not issue concealed carry permits to private citizens without authorities weighing in on the reason for such permit.

Five of these have “no-issue” laws in place. That makes it nearly impossible to obtain a concealed carry permit unless the person is a retired police officer or Veteran with a good reason.

Good News Out of Idaho

Idaho continues to pioneer extensions to their Constitutional Carry laws. Not only is the age for Constitutional Carry set to 18 years old, but also the right is now extended to all Americans throughout Idaho.

Previously, gun owners from outside of Idaho did not have permission to carry within city limits. Rep. Christy Zito called the prior law “illogical and unconstitutional” and led the effort to amend the law.

This means that anyone living in or traveling through Idaho can legally own and carry a gun at any time, in any place. The law goes into effect on July 1, 2020.

Idaho proudly retains its #2 ranking on the “Best States for Gun Owners” list created by Guns & Ammo. Second only to Arizona, Idaho has no limits on the type, color, or magazine capacity of firearms owned. Idahoans are not expected to retreat prior to utilizing their firearms.

2A Wins Are a Rarity

As the coronavirus pandemic has proven, Americans view their right to bear arms as essential liberty when their safety or well-being is in question.

Despite nationwide support of many gun control efforts, citizens have rushed to gun stores – many for the first time.

Unfortunately, even at a time when police are refusing to respond to 911 calls and basic supplies are scarce, some states are still taking a stand against the 2nd Amendment by closing gun stores. As “shelter in place” or “stay at home” orders are issued throughout the country.

Notorious anti-gun states like New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts have all ordered firearms dealers to close as “non-essential” businesses.

Idaho’s success in passing HB 516 is a welcome win in a year full of bad news for gun owners. Lobbying against unconstitutional gun laws is more important than ever, as the current political climate grows more contentious.

The responsibility to protect our families, our property, and ourselves now fall on Americans more than ever. And gun ownership is an important and valuable resource in that fight.


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6 Responses to :
HB 516 Is A Win For Gun Owners: Idaho Extends Constitutional Carry To All Americans

  1. Thank you Idaho you are a example that all States should follow,

    1. Tim says:

      It means exactly what it says shall not be infringed!

    2. Jim Carter says:

      Thank you Idaho, I am your neighbor in Montana but we still have some restrictions which I view as unconstitutional, I hope we can take a cue from you guys!

  2. Steve says:

    The more politicians that take aim at restricting my rights…..the more names I add to my hit list! If we don’t get “TERM LIMITS” passed this will be the next third world shit hole country…exactly what the Democrats want! Time for WE the PEOPLE to take our Constitutional Republic back! By force if neccessary. The vast majority of gun owners, legal gun owners, are law abiding citizens. You antigun idiots keep pushing your Socialist agenda…..you’ll learn the true depth, height and width of OUR PATRIOTISM…..UNBRIDLED! Think hard and long about your next perilous move! You picked the fight! Remember that…..

  3. Brandon Daniels says:

    Flathead County Sheriff’s Dept has stopped processing CCW permits! They said that Governor Bullock told them not too. Well that’s BS, because I have called them 3 times and they have confirmed all 3 times, that it’s against the law, and that they NEVER said that! I need help getting them to change it! This is seriously infringing on our rights! They said, they didn’t care what the Governor said, they were not going to process nothing! In’ fact, Wayne Dubois the under sheriff, came out yelling at my daughter and I because we wanted to talk to him about it the CCW permit. He stated, “Go get a lawyer, I’ve been sued and had plenty of complaints filed on me!” Called us names, then he retreated to his office.

  4. Steve says:

    Yes I agree fully and in fact I think any state which does not want to give full constitutional 2nd amendment rights to its citizens should not receive any federal funding of any kind since the only reason that a state exists is in fact because of many women who fought and died for this country to be free and then create the Constitution of United States. God-bless America.

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