Top 5 Best Henry Lever Action Rifles For Home Defense and Hunting

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If you need a reliable, versatile rifle, look into Henry lever-action rifles. These all-around, all-season American favorites have been around for more than a century and a half now. Shooters rely on them for everything, from big game hunting to home defense.

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Top 5 Henry Lever Action Rifles Every Shooter Should Have

Henry X Model .38 Special

Regarding Henry .22 rifles, lever-action pieces don't necessarily come off as home defense shotguns. They have a bulky, complex design, making them ill-fitting weapons during high-pressure situations.


Fortunately, this isn't the case with the Henry X Model .38 Special. It has impressive stopping power, the bottom railing can accommodate flashlights, plus the suppressor drastically reduces muzzle report intensity. Shooters can finally use the Henry rifle in indoor emergencies without violating public disturbance noise regulations.

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Henry Big Boy .44 Magnum

The Henry Big Boy .44 Magnum undoubtedly ranks as the top hunting rifle on this list. Apart from the piece's widely acclaimed accuracy, the Henry Big Boy can drop big games using factory ammo. You don't have to go through the hassle of handloading every shot.


On the topic of shooting big games, the Henry Big Boy's stopping power will not disappoint. Many hunters swear by this .44 magnum rifle's ability to take down an array of prey, ranging from deer to bears.

Henry All-Weather .45 – 70

Shooters who typically depend on one rifle for everything should check out the All-Weather .45 – 70. As its name suggests, you can use this durable rifle for a wide range of applications, such as hunting, home defense, and weekend plinking.


Apart from its versatility, shooters also praise the All-Weather .45 – 70 for its durability. Henry claims that these pieces were manufactured and assembled in America to ensure top-notch, above-industry shooting quality. You can even fire them in harsh weather conditions all day long with minimal to no malfunctions.

As for the price, shooters would be happy to know that the All-Weather costs less than most Henry lever-action .22 rifles. You can score a piece for around $850.

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Henry Golden Boy

The Henry Golden Boy ranks among the most beginner-friendly rifles. It has a drastically suppressed recoil, the rifle has a straightforward mechanism, and the sights offer excellent accuracy. Even a small-framed teenage girl can shoot a few rounds on the Henry Golden Boy with ease.

However, even though teens can use this regular-sized shotgun, a youth version of this firearm is also available in the market. It still comes with a .22 caliber but with a shorter 17-inch barrel.

Henry X Model .410

If you want versatile, casual Henry rifles, lever-action pieces like Henry X Model .410 should be at the top of your list.  Like the other Henry X rifles, the Henry X model .410 has excellent stopping power, reliability, and accuracy.


But why does this specific model also double as a blinker? Firstly, it has a simple chamber that allows shooters to quickly and easily reload magazines after every set. Secondly, the smooth-threaded muzzle gives shooters total control over their shots.

The broad range of options always makes shopping for Henry lever-action rifles exciting. This century-old gun manufacturer has a reliable, versatile rifle for everyone, from casual shooters to serious big-game hunters.

But don't worry if you find yourself on the fence about which rifle to buy. We understand that first-timers might struggle to find a good starting point when exploring the sheer number of Henry rifles available. Take your time selecting. If you want, you can even take one or two pieces to the range to get a good feel of the rifles.

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Which among these Henry lever action rifles would you choose as your all-around hunting and home defense weapon? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

Top 5 Best Henry Lever Action Rifles For Home Defense and Hunting

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