9 Unusual Hidden Gun Safes To Keep Your Firearms Secure

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Traditional gun safes are effective but can be bulky and obvious, potentially attracting unwanted attention. That's where hidden gun safes come into play.

These cleverly designed safes blend seamlessly into your surroundings, keeping your firearms secure while maintaining an element of discretion.

In this article, we will explore ten hidden gun safes that you absolutely need to know about. Let's dive in!

Secure Your Weapons in These Hidden Gun Safes

Hidden gun safes can come in any shape or size. The most badass gun safes can be completely hidden while providing absolute gun safety and quick access.

Some gun owners hide their firearms inside the wall, in the gun vault, while others hide them inside their closets, cabinets, shelves, and in their safe rooms.

We stay prepared for any survival situation by keeping the best self-defense tools and weapons on hand.

To be on the safe side, it's important to store your weapons in hidden gun safes. A gun cabinet is nice, but a hidden one is even better.

Having a hidden compartment is not the only issue for your gun vault. You want one that is hidden while also accessible if you need it fast.

Here's a list of the best-hidden gun-safe ideas!

Truck Step Gun Safe

Add this convenient, mobile gun safe to your truck step to always keep your gun safe with you. Instead of putting your gun in the glove box, you can store it in this safe and secure compartment.

Couch Hidden Gun Safe

The couch is one of the most useful places to hide your guns in plain sight.

This hidden gun storage gives you quick access to your firearms when you come face-to-face with an intruder inside your home.

Not only that, but it also provides a substantial amount of bulletproof storage space.

SpeedVault Gun Safe

This quickdraw biometric gun safe is a fast and secure solution for your gun storage.

Install under a desk, beside the bed, or any number of places for hidden, tactical gun storage.

Gun Safe black and red UNK device

Unlike regular secret safes, this gun safe has a design that holds firearms safely and securely for gun owners.

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Coffee Table Secret Gun Safe

Utilize that wasted space underneath your coffee table with some hidden gun storage! This secret safe ensures easy access anytime you need it.

No burglars will ever expect that your guns are hidden in plain sight.

Hidden Stairs Gun Safe

The stairs are another place to turn wasted space into a perfectly hidden safe.

Stairs Cabinet | Unusual Hidden Gun Safes To Keep Your Firearms Secure

The space under your stairs can easily store your rifles, long guns, and other bigger guns in an in-wall gun safe such as this.

Hidden Mattress Gun Safe

Keep your firearm close by and well-hidden with a secret mattress compartment. You can even store your long guns in here.

Of course, you need to lock this every now and then to prevent anyone who doesn't know how to handle a firearm from getting in.

Refrigerator Gun Safe

No one will think to look in your spare refrigerator for your valuables. As far as diversion safes go, this is pretty nifty.

They're also as strong as vault doors. Make sure to add a lock to keep the kids out!

Hidden Bed Gun Safe

This isn't a great option for quick access, but keeping your arsenal in a souped-up box spring will keep it safe and secure.


Lock it up when your kids are around!

Car Seat Hidden Gun Safe

Keep your guns in the car with you without sacrificing safety with this hidden gun. This adds a hidden compartment where only you can pull out your firearms.

These gun safes are a great addition to your home or car and provide the ultimate hidden gun storage.

Infographic | Hidden Gun Safe List | Unusual Hidden Gun Safes To Keep Your Firearms Secure

Whether you want it in your car or your home, having a hidden gun safe is always a good idea.

Not only does it conceal your guns from your family's lesser-learned members (such as your kids), but it also prevents burglars and the like from taking advantage of the guns in your home and using them against you.

A hidden gun safe is an excellent investment that can improve your family's well-being in the long run.

Got more ideas about hidden gun safes? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below! 

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on May 7, 2018, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

21 Responses to :
9 Unusual Hidden Gun Safes To Keep Your Firearms Secure

  1. Nick says:

    I saw a hot water heater converted into a hidden gun safe! Friggin’ cool as hell. I’d never have thought too look somewhere like that. But now I will … If you do find the perfect hiding place don’t tell anyone! Ever!

    1. DaveW says:

      If you are thinking of local teens or homeless types, most of these will likely work, although a lock on a fridge might stand out. However, jails and prisons are trade schools for thieves. You can bet that they keep an eye on subjects like how to conceal your guns. Once the idea reaches them, the experienced ones teach others what to look for as soon as they step into a room. Like that wall shelf with the hidden drop down that doesn’t seem natural where you installed it. Try to think like a thief. Does that wall mirror look like it would be where the resident would naturally use it, or would it be awkward to use where it is?

      There are some things which thieves, who are pressed for time, might skip. Baseboards, for example. Wall sockets, air vents in appropriate locations. tops of doors can be bored out to contain pill bottles. A safe is a really good distraction. If thieves find a wall safe for example in a linen closet, they may waste time trying to get it loose to open elsewhere. When they finally get it open and find it empty or containing worthless stuff it’s karma.

      If you have a gun safe, for example, make sure you change the code or combination regularly (every quarter or every 6 months), and clean the dial or keypad regularly. The reason is that over time using the same setting wears a pattern on the lock or pad. This reduces the amount of effort a thief required to pop it open. This goes along with don’t use birthdays, anniversaries, license numbers, SSAN, etc.

  2. gonzalez says:


  3. Mike says:

    You left out the best ones!
    Qlinedesign.com has the coolest and best looking concealment furniture out there

  4. Dave says:

    You should check out ShotLock. They make several individual safes for firearms. Good quality, fast access and affordable price. http://www.shotlock.com

  5. Anonymous says:

    An easier place that no burglar or anybody would assume would act as a safe is a simple piano bench. I’ve been hiding things in one for years without any issues.

  6. JohnThomas says:

    Norman Gurley was a known drug runner. The key to his story is that he had for the intent to store drugs and weapons, not licenced firearms. In the end you have to convince a judge that it was for legitimate purposes. Tougher to do if you’re and arse clown drug monkey.

  7. Jeff says:

    Where do we find those truck box ones!!! Need those for my new truck!

  8. Kenneth says:

    One downfall of furniture hiding spots is thieves will tip furniture over looking for hidden items. They aren’t careful not to harm anything, so beware when thinking about hiding places.

  9. doctorem says:

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