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Keep yourself protected as a gun owner and your firearms inconspicuous with these hidden gun storage ideas.

Hidden Gun Storage: Hiding Guns From Prying Eyes

Keep Your Firearms Hidden

There are plenty of reasons to hide your firearms and keep them out of the wrong hands. Whether you want to keep them away from prying eyes, children's hands, or robbers, we have some tips on how to keep your guns hidden.

These secret storage options can blend in perfectly, keeping your firearms hidden and out of the wrong hands without drawing attention to where they are stored.

Building a simple structure, you can hide your firearms of all sizes. This video gives instructions and uses for this easy addition to your home!


How To Build Your Own AR-15 “Ghost Gun”

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And once that happens, can you guess the next step?

Confiscation of the rifle you already own. But they can't take what they don't know about…

How would you like to have your own “off the record” AR-15?

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40 Unique Places to Stash Firearms

We've all heard of hiding a safe behind a hanging picture, but have you ever heard of hiding a gun in an empty cereal box? How about on a hook under the bathroom counter?

Check out this list of secret gun storage ideas you probably haven't thought of! Also, this report shows you the importance of hiding your guns.

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Bookshelf Hidden Storage DIY Projects

Hide your guns and add some decorative touches to your home at the same time. These projects provide ideas to hide your guns in any bookcase.

With this kind of versatility, you can now conceal your weapons just about anywhere around the house. Save for having a hidden gun safe in a wall; these DIY covert cabinets will save you a lot of money.

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Book Spines Box

Simply gluing some book spines to a box that is the depth of your bookcase will create an area of concealed storage.

Whether you use decorative book spines for the living room or cookbook spines for the kitchen, you can choose a look that will easily conceal firearms in any room around the house.

Book Shelves | Hidden Gun Storage Ideas

Simply gluing some book spines to a box that is the depth of your bookcase will create an area of concealed storage.

Whether you use decorative book spines for the living room or cookbook spines for the kitchen, you can choose a look that will easily conceal firearms in any room around the house.

This is a secret gun safe that might require a bit of woodworking knowledge, but otherwise, it's very easy to do.

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Framed Art Secret Storage

This DIY gives you step-by-step instructions for this gun concealment picture frame. Once again, you can choose to go with a picture that will work no matter where you place your secret storage.

in The Wall Mirror Gun Cabinet Hardware KIT
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in The Wall Mirror Gun Cabinet Hardware KIT

It's one of those, shall we say, aesthetically pleasing secret gun safes. In case you're in immediate need of a weapon, it will be easy to spot the painting where the gun is hidden.

Check out the DIY here!

Binder Concealed Gun Storage

Gluing some binders together will create a void in your bookshelf to store your firearms. This would work great for a home office.

This hidden gun case can also double as an alcohol cabinet, to hide your precious single malt from the kids. Check out these other hidden storage ideas.

This video by iraqveteran8888 showcases some of the coolest hidden gun safes available today:

While having a static gun safe is a good idea, having weapons in discreet locations around the home can give you more flexible options in home defense. You never know where your enemies might be, so having a gun hidden in every room can put you at an advantage.

These hidden gun storage ideas offer a wealth of opportunities for you to secretly store weapons around the home. The only thing you should definitely remember here is to keep your firearms secure and away from untrained (or undeserving) eyes.

Do you have any other hidden gun storage ideas other than the ones mentioned? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published in March 2014, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

21 Responses to :
Hidden Gun Storage Ideas

  1. Maverick says:

    Link to: “40 secret storage ideas” gets you a 404 error message.

  2. Tim says:

    The tip is good in the video but the stereo type is not so great. Skip the the song with the mention of Walmart and “to make them Fill good” makes me FEEL bad. Let’s not throw fuel on the libs fire to slander the patriot movement. Just sayin.

    1. Crystal says:

      The title of the video is ridiculous not to mention disrespectful to people who live in Countries that are actually run by a tyrannical Government. The Government have many flaws but they are no where close to being tyrannical. If they were, people wouldn’t get to enjoy publically criticizing them.

      Tim, it’s highly doubt that a song in a video about hiding guns from the Government is going to throw fuel on the libs fire (by the way no all of them slander the patriot movement. Some no doubt own guns themselves). I’m sure they have better things to do. Besides, what the video is suggesting is against the law so they would be the least of patriot movement’s problems.

  3. Cindi says:

    Not so secret now.

  4. Debbie says:

    Great Ideas! Thank’s for helping to take a stand against tierney!

  5. old dude says:

    guess i’m not the best sorce for info , but I’ve been in a few drug raides an i’m still free, and i’ve changed my ways abit … now I’m a surviverlist. (have been for 60 years) but a bag , like a sock, filled with coffie grounds or red peppers, be sure to wet it a little an rub it all over your ammo an guns an around the area an other places in the area this seems to throw them off the scent really don’t know if it works on gun powder but you get the pitcher , find some thing offendsive to a dog with a super sence of smell but not to draw attn. to anyone else. put it in differnt rooms ‘, not to pin point one place well it worked for me , I had guns an stuff in the same place.

    1. Mike11C says:

      One thing to do if you’re trying to throw off a K-9 search would be to sprinkle powdered Cayenne Pepper all around. If you could get your hands on CS powder, that would be better. Otherwise, store your weapons cache away from your house. Stash your weapons and ammo in waterproof containers, or PVC pipe, and bury it underground. You don’t even have to go that deep. Just remember to camouflage the area so it isn’t evident that the dirt has been disturbed.

  6. k woodward says:

    in the false bottom of a fake or dead houseplant. or a bonus size box of tampons in the bathroom cabinet. or under a footed dresser in the bedroom. or in the garage in a large container of pesticide. we have no small children and do not have guests in our home.

  7. Jason says:

    The guy in the video is a complete moron that couldn’t be anymore wrong with his very first sentence. The “government” didn’t come in during Katrina and take your guns. The idiots that where shooting at the military men and women doing everything they could to save you from that crap hole did take your guns however. Because for some reason Katrina survivors cried for help but once we came we got shot at. SO for our protection and your protection YES we did seize your guns. If you would have thought before shooting at the people there to save you then you would have still had your guns. Thanks for being an idiot.

    1. Eric says:

      Keep on licking those boots. Yum yum.

    2. Toni says:

      Seems there was this elderly lady, that when the cops came to her house to check on her after Katrina, she mentioned having a gun for protection.

      They tackled her in her own home and demanded it.

      In a later court case, the judge decided the police were wrong and had to return the gun. They say they cannot find it.

      It happened. And not just to this one lady, the very chief of police said in public, “you will not be armed” and he meant the general populace, not the criminal element.

  8. Amy says:

    I like a lot these ideas! My father is a policeman and he has always kept his guns in secret places. I will send him this article because I am sure that he will be interested in it especially now when he has curious grand children. Regards!

  9. DaveW says:

    If you use ideas like these, be aware, criminals know how to read too. If you are away from your home for any length of time, then they have time to search. Decoys tend to work. If you have a gun safe, they will concentrate on it. Those bookshelf things you can buy pre-made, too often stand out depending on the room décor (just like the thing about book spines being the type of book for the room they are used in. Years ago, my grandfather built hideaways into base boards, hidden compartments in the bottoms of furniture, and used a wall safe to deflect people.

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