10 Fitness Programs And Regimen For Hiking and Climbing Enthusiasts

It's the climb | 10 Fitness Programs And Regimen For Hiking and Climbing Enthusiasts

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HIking & Climbing

Outdoor activities such as hiking and climbing are fun but it demands a lot of great work. Now, if you want to reach the top of the trail and finish the trek, it’s important that you train your body very well. But what kinds of exercise make a strong hiker? Here in Outdoor Warrior, we give you 10 fitness program and regimen you could try for a stronger and fitter body ready for any outdoor adventures.

10 Fitness Programs And Regimen For Hiking and Climbing Enthusiasts

Hiking and climbing are serious physical activities that require a healthy body and a sound mind. It’s no wonder as the trails, the paths, and the mountains to climb are just as challenging to walk and climb because of its immense height and depth. That said, if you plan to go outdoors for some physical activities, it’s better to prepare and get yourself fit to withstand the strenuous effort needed to reach the top.

There actually are various fitness programs and regimen available online. One beneficial exercise requires posing and core strength. Another demands high-intensity training to burn calories and gain muscle which are advantageous for the body. Whichever you prefer, there’s a suitable program you can try before putting on those hiking shoes and hitting the trail. Check out this hiking and climbing fitness programs you can definitely try to be fit.

1. The Hiker’s (High-Intensity Interval Training) HIIT Workout

Perfect for those who doesn’t have any gym equipment and only have a little time allotted for physical activities, this fitness program requires high-intensity interval training involving squats, jumping jacks, et al. You’ll definitely burn calories to make you fit for the next hiking and climbing adventure. Click here for the complete program.

2. Full Body Tabatha Strength

Tabatha is always associated with cardio exercise. Do burpees, squat jumps and mountain climbers for an intense workout. What’s good is that it can also be used for resistance training. Follow here for the complete guide. Think you can handle it? Try it on for size.


3. The 10-10-10 Workout

This physical exercise is very easy to follow. Just do 10 squats, then 10 push ups and repeat until 10 rounds are complete. If you want to build up your upper body and thighs, this exercise is a simple but effective way to do it. Click here for the full routine.

4. 30-Minute Full Body Workout

Yes, in just half an hour, the body can get trained and fit for hiking and climbing activities. Furthermore, you’ll be developing muscle all over your body without even realizing it. While performing thrusters and squats, you’ll be building up your thighs and explosive leg power. In addition, you’ll be able to develop a nasty core with crunches and pull ups! Get the complete exercise here.

5. Outdoor Yoga: Poses for Hikers

Want some serious core strength and meditation? This routine benefits the hikers where it cultivates the mind-body connection and it tones the glutes and strengthens and stretches the legs which are perfect for mile hikes and climbs. There are more benefits of yoga than what you would have in mind, so meditate and get in one with nature! Get the full routine here. Don’t forget to always bring your yoga mat too. 

6. The Paper Plate Workout

Easy to say but hard to do. This workout involves paper plates and some regular exercise like burpees and push ups. If you’re aiming to build your core, burpees are the way to do it. In the end, you will see great results for a fit body for hiking and climbing. Click here for the full routine.

7. Upper-Body Strength Exercise

Upper body is always utilized when hiking and climbing. Get it toned and strengthened by doing backpack training. It involves shoulder press, resistance balls, and upright rows to make a very strong support for carrying heavy items. Follow here for the complete fitness program. If you think you got the balls for this program, try it with THIS!

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8. 8-Week Workout for Backpacking/Hiking

Hiking and climbing require endurance and strong muscles because good 6-9 miles outdoor activity won’t be possible without it. Have these key traits by doing an 8-week workout that involves cardio workout, HIIT, and light yoga. Get the full exercise program here.

9. Four Weight-Lifting Strategies

With just Squat Presses, Dead­lifts, Clean and Press, and Good Morn­ings, you’ll be as good as a professional hiker who can climb 6-9 miles. The more you burn fat, the lighter your body is. Plus, you’ll build the muscles you’ll need to carry your pack! Click here for the complete routine. No time to go to the gym? Get yourself a pair of THESE!

10. A Well-Balanced Meal

Of course, an intensive workout will still be useless for hiking and climbing activities if eating the right food is not considered. Get a well-balanced meal that includes lean protein, whole grain, and fruits and vegetables. Get healthy lunch ideas by following this link.

It’s not easy engaging in outdoor activities like hiking and climbing but with the right routine and regimen, the body can withstand any strenuous effort whether walking for miles or climbing walls of stone. From the list, which one do you prefer? Let me know, folks!

Check out this TRX video by fitness expert by Ofer Blutrich to get some exercise inspiration.

Hiking and climbing are not easy sports. Before you reap the rewards of finishing the trail and reaching the peak, you have to train properly- both body and mind. What do you think works for you? Let us know.

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