The Best Hiking Trails In Utah For Everyone

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December 16, 2023 / Comments Off on The Best Hiking Trails In Utah For Everyone

Hiking Trails

The hiking trails in Utah are among the country's most beautiful, outdoor people would travel far to experience.  The place is known for its breathtaking canyon treks that are comparable to that found in Arizona and other southern states.  Fairly experienced backpackers won't find it hard to get to the most stunning views, though some of the trails are recommended only for serious hikers.  If you want, you can hire expert guides through multi-day trips to maximize your experience in the great Utah outdoors.

The Best Hiking Trails In Utah For Everyone

Hikers travel through demanding paths along rough peaks and thick forests to witness the trail prize.  There are easy routes and there are hikes that don't guarantee the finish, but the goal is always to conquer the adversities of each adventure.  A greater percentage of Utah is public land, which means there's an overwhelming option of potential expedition for trail geeks.  But don't be too confident and choose to hike alone, always put safety first, especially in unfamiliar territory.  You can either opt for a desert trail or go trekking on the mountains in this list of the best hiking trails in Utah.

1. Coyote Gulch

This hike has a distance of approximately 17 miles round trip.  Of all the Escalante River tributaries, Coyote Gulch is one of the most beautiful.

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It is recommended to wear waterproof hiking boots when walking this trail, especially if you choose to take the long route.

2. The Subway

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The Subway is the perfect spot for canyoneering that leads to Zion National Park.  Don't try this route without an experienced hiker to lead you.  This is a great adventure for those who love the variety of outdoor activities.

3. Mount Timpanogos

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Mount Timpanogos is one of the most popular and tallest mountains in Utah that's good for hiking on a nice summer day.   You can choose between two trails to reach the peak.  The summit has an old shack with spectacular views in all directions.

4. Escalante Slot Canyons

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A hike in the Escalante Slot canyons will be an unforgettable experience.  It's every hiker's dream to walk this trail, but it can be dangerous if you have poor planning before you start hiking.  Be sure to exercise safety prior to your trip.

5. Stewart Falls

One of the most renowned hiking destinations in Utah, Stewart Falls is situated on the east side of Mt Timpanogos.  You can either start from Aspen Grove or the Sundance Resort to reach the falls.  It's a moderate hike so you can tag your family along, but be extra careful if you have kids with you.

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6. Queens Garden Trail

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The trail into Queens Garden is the easiest hike into the canyon.  Start hiking before the sun comes up to allow you to enjoy the trail with no crowds.  This way you can see the whole canyon explode in orange light in the first rays of sunshine.

7. Angel's Landing

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You must not be afraid of heights to go on a hike on Angel's Landing.  Expert hikers always want to experience the adventure n this trail, though it's quite dangerous.  It's a strenuous hike with exposure to long drop-offs.

8. Delicate Arch

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The inverted landscape provides a jaw-dropping experience at every turn.  Delicate Arch is in southeastern Utah near the beautiful town of Moab.  It's a small park with immense beauty and landscape for hikers to enjoy.

9. Adam's Canyon

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Adam's Canyon is only 3.8 miles roundtrip and a bit of challenging family hiking spot.  It's a little elevated compared to other family friendly hikes but you will definitely enjoy the scenery once you reach the waterfalls.

10. Cecret Lake

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Cecret Lake is a very famous hike in the Albion Basin area.  It's popularity is displayed as you walk the trail by coming across multitudes of hikers going the same route.  The hike is for all skill levels with just a short 1.8 miles roundtrip.

Watch this video of a hike in The Subway at Zion National Park.

Utah is simply a hikers haven and a great location for almost all kinds of hiking venues.  They have lakes, mountains, canyons, waterfalls, not to mention the breathtaking land formations such as the Delicate Arch in Moab.  People in this place are so blessed, I don't think they will ever run out of fun on the trail.

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