What Hillary Means When She Says, "We Need To Fix This"

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In recent headlines, an automotive manufacturer was sued due to the negligence of a drunk driver who killed several people. It was ruled that the accelerator pedal is at fault, and not the driver. It's also being questioned at this time whether or not the driver's side door malfunctioned when it let the driver into the car, but it's too early to see if they have any ground to stand on in that regard.
The driver took up several bottles of Absolut Vodka, got behind the wheel of a car, and drove off into the sunset killing several on his way. As a side note, there is some speculation as to whether or not the glass company should be held responsible for letting the man drink the alcohol to begin with.

Of course everything I've said up until this point is satirically made up, and didn't really happen because it's idiotic to place blame on companies who make products when the person who misuses them is the one who should be blamed. But, imagine a world where individual negligence can be blamed on the company who made the abused product. That is precisely what Hillary Clinton wants to do to, but, hypocritically, not to automotive and alcohol manufacturers. Her goal is to hold gun manufacturers liable for crimes committed with them by criminals. Such idiocy should be punishable, because it would literally put many legitimate companies out of business.

Then again, she should already technically be in jail, so … yeah, there's also that.
Moving on, I wonder if, when Hillary says things like this:

What she actually wants to do is put gun makers out of business. I mean, if you were that gung-ho about saving people, you would also allow alcohol and auto makers to be sued. Wax makers would get sued whenever someone burnt their house down by negligently attending to their candlestick. The flour maker would get sued every time a patron got burned by an overcooked noodle at the Olive Garden.
Lunacy …
She doesn't want to sue the flour and wax companies because that may put them out of business. After all, that's bad for the economy. But, the gun makers? They're free game because she has an agenda—even though that would also hurt the economy. If enough people sue gun manufacturers, they wouldn't be able to afford to stay in business. Smaller, new gun manufacturers would die right away simply out of the fear of being sued.

The gun industry would die if Clinton had her way. I say again, I believe that is the point of what she's trying to accomplish. Do you agree with me? Let me know in the comments below. Then, make sure you sign up for our FREE Newsletter so you never miss out on stuff like this.

5 Responses to :
What Hillary Means When She Says, "We Need To Fix This"

  1. James Maxwell says:

    Hildabeast idea on how to fix gun problems is to take away the guns from all lawful and legal citizens
    except those she uses for her personal security guards. she wants to destroy and abolish the 2nd
    amendment in violation of the Constitution. Or in other words to make it more simple she wants to
    destroy the Constitution and make up the rules as she goes along, much like o’muzzie has done the past
    8 years. During her past 30 years in political office her accomplishment are in the negative column but
    her actions against the American people are numerous as are the death associated with her.

  2. Michael Yarger says:

    You cant fix stupid, but we cannot afford to elect it to the presidency. If thats how she sees it then we could be justified in prosecuting her family for her actions.

    1. dicasso says:

      Perfect answer Michael…you’re right..we should be able to prosecute her family for Hillary’s action over the past 30 years

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