What You Need to Know About Hiperfire Triggers

What You Need to Know About Hiperfire Triggers

.What is a hiperfire trigger and how will it change your shooting experience? Satisfy your curiosity by reading the information below!

Do You Need a Hiperfire Trigger?

Hiperfire makes a variety of AR-15 components, but their triggers are some of the best on the market.

More specifically, Hiperfire triggers are well regarded for target shooting competitions and hunters since these triggers provide better performance across the board.

Even better, these triggers are installable with practically any custom AR-15 build.

They’re a little pricier than other triggers, certainly.

However, they are very good choices for AR-15 enthusiasts who want the best of the best and don’t mind spending a little extra cash to get it.

Internal Differences

Internal Differences | What You Need to Know About Hiperfire Triggers

AR-15 Hipertouch® Series Trigger Assemblies image by Brownells

A typical Hiperfire trigger (of which there are a few different models) comes with extra springs at the top of the trigger mechanism.

A regular trigger works with a single set of springs that push the trigger back out after you pull it for a shot.

This resets the hammer mechanism and readies it to hit the next cartridge's primer.

But the extra set of springs inside a Hiperfire trigger provide a couple of advantages:

  • trigger pull will be lighter
  • the hammer will hit the primer a little harder

Both of these work in conjunction to make a better firing experience regardless of the ammunition you use with your AR-15 platform.

The lighter trigger pull is self-explanatory.

It makes it easier to let off a shot without moving your rifle and take multiple shots in rapid succession.

With the right practice and a quick trigger finger, you might even fool some of your buddies into thinking you have a fully automatic AR-15 in your hands even though you’re pulling the trigger for every shot!

Secondly, the heavier hammer stroke means that you won’t get a dud fire as often, or at all.

Even hard to ignite primers (these are more common if you combine custom, hand-loaded ammunition with your AR-15) should ignite reliably thanks to this trigger's added hammer power.

A Hiperfire is notable for these points, especially since other trigger upgrades usually require you to pick one or the other.

For instance, triggers with easier pull usually have lighter hammer strikes and vice versa.

But with the Hiperfire, you can enjoy both without sacrificing either aspect. In other words, you get the best trigger bang for your buck.

Various Trigger Models

Hiperfire makes several trigger models, most of which are adjustable and have multiple sets of springs.

For instance, the Hiperfire Eclipse is a great option that’s fully adjustable and comes with three sets of springs that you can install based on your preferences.

However, you should be aware that every Hiperfire is single-stage.

This isn't necessarily a downside, but keep it in mind if you love two-stage triggers.

Any Downsides?


Hiperfire’s triggers are a little tough to install, and you might get easily overwhelmed when tons of parts fall out of the plastic bag.

The trigger installation process itself isn’t that hard to wrap your head around once you get a bit of practice, but beginners might find the whole thing a little too tough for their comfort.

You’ll also be unable to avoid the higher than average asking prices for these triggers.

Still, there’s something to be said for splurging on high-quality components that really give great bang for your buck.

But there’s no denying that Hiperfire triggers aren't great for budget-minded AR-15 shooters.

Wrap Up

All in all, Hiperfire triggers are excellent choices.

If you're committed to purchasing high-quality parts for your next AR-15 build or if you want to improve your current rifle, it's a great add.

But if you're making your first AR-15, you might want to settle for something more budget-friendly and a little easier to install.

Are you considering installing a Hiperfire trigger to your AR-15? Tell us how it goes in the comments section!

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What You Need to Know About Hiperfire Triggers

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    Bought a Plumcrazy lower complete for about 100$ and it does every thing you are saying your bag of part does why not sell the complete lower completely assembled , local dealer didn’t even charge for the delivery and bg check .

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