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November 17, 2015 / Comments (1)


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This tanto tipped tactical tool is the most incredible defensive device I’ve ever seen… And it’s also limited edition!

(Not many will ever have the chance to get their hands on one!)

hoffman-Richter Reaper

This wicked beast of a blade is called the “Reaper” and it’s 100% designed for defense, but that doesn’t mean it’ll shy away from your daily duties.

As always, there are a ton of questions when it comes to picking up a new knife…

I wanted to take a moment to give you a few of the specs up front (and hopefully answer those questions right away):

The Hoffman-Richter “Reaper” | What you need to know:

Tanto Point Tip (The Ultimate Defensive knife):hoffman-richter- tanto tip

The tanto blade has a high point with a flat grind, leading to an extremely strong point. The front edge of the tanto knife meets the spine at an angle, rather than a curve. This allows the spine of the knife to retain its thickness until very close to the point of the blade. This gives the knife massive penetration power! This makes it incredibly useful in defensive situations where a piercing blow could end the fight in your favor… quickly!

Unique Modified “Belly” Design:

The one drawback to most tanto knives is that they don’t have a “belly” which makes them all but useless outside of defensive situations where you need to puncture or penetrate. The Hoffman-Richter “Reaper” solves this by adding a modified belly to the blade. This gives you back the ability to slice and slash. The Belly gives the knife an ever-changing angle that allows you to slice effectively and efficiently across the entirety of your cut.

Sabre Grind:

The sabre grind is a fairly common but is an incredibly versatile blade grind that involves having a flat primary edge bevel that begins somewhere around the middle of the knife and continues along to the edge. The “Reaper’s” saber grind is strong, heavy-duty, and good for damn near any job. It makes quick work of any bushcraft, field-dressing game, splitting wood or any other campsite needs.

The saber grind on the “Reaper” gives you amazing control for delicate work but also takes care of the tough jobs, without a problem! It’s a tougher, stronger, blade grind that holds an amazing edge even through daily use and abuse!

Extended Tang “Unbreakable” Design: full-tang-resized

A full tang knife is a must-have for any survivalist, camper or bushcrafter.

The “Reaper” gives you the strength and versatility to take care of any and all jobs, even ones that a knife shouldn’t do (like prying or chopping), without fear of the knife breaking or bending and becoming a useless (and very sharp) paperweight.

The “Reaper” even takes this a step further. It gives you an extended tang, that goes ½” beyond the handle scales and provides you with an incredible impact tool.

The extended pommel gives you the ability to shatter glass or even “cold cock” an adversary when you want a “less than lethal” approach. (It’ll definitely get their attention!)

Incredibly Strong 440C Steel: 

The “Reaper’s” 440C stainless steel blade has the perfect balance of edge retention and ease of sharpening, so you don’t need to worry about struggling with a dull knife out in the field.

And the incredibly tough titanium alloy coating that protects it from wear and tear as well as rust.

Not to mention this blade is over ¼” thick!

No one should ever be without a knife, EVER; but don't settle for just any knife!

The “Reaper” is the most wicked blades you’ll ever come across. It perfectly balances defensive prowess with utility usage… Unfortunately, Hoffman-Richter only produced a small “limited run” batch of these… and most people will never even get a chance to get their hands on it…

But you made the list, You'll get the chance to snag one before they're gone for good!

Remember, keep an eye on your inbox and move fast when you get the email… you won't have long!

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  1. Lucian Wargrider says:

    Just got mine in the mail. The knife is great. The sheath leaves something to be desired. Inverting it cause the knife to immediately fall out. Now, it came with two sheathes, so I can jerry rig the ballistic nylon somehow. But I am disappointed that the hard sheath is only meant to hang blade down.

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