[First Look] An Honest Review Of The Hoffman Richter Wolf

Hoffman Richter Wolf

July 27, 2023 / Comments (2)

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The other day I let you in on a little “Sneak Peek” of the newest knife from Hoffman-Richter, The Hoffman Richter Wolf. If you missed it, the Wolf is now officially taking orders and you can check it out right here:

Show Me The Wolf NOW.

Hoffman Richter Wolf Review

But as soon as I released the sneak peek, I was flooded with questions about the Wolf, and it quickly became way more than I could answer individually, so I wanted to give you my full and honest review of the knife… and get your opinion as well.

I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am with this bad boy…

Hoffman Richter WolfI had a lot of questions about the design of the blade and what it’s made of, so I’m going to do my best to answer all of them below.

 If you have any other questions, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll answer just as quick as I can.

Drop Point Blade Style

Drop point blades are one of my personal favorites as they are less prone to chipping the point of the blade (which is an absolute pain to fix in the field.) Drop points are incredibly well suited for campsite and bushcraft use because they can be used to drill holes for a friction fireboard without losing the ability to stab and slice.

In addition, the Wolf’s drop point blade also allows for better overall wood cutting as the blade remains flat near the handle, which is good for planing or splitting, and a continuously curving edge towards the tip, which gives you much more precise and controlled carving. 

Sabre Grind

 The sabre grind is a fairly common but incredibly versatile blade grind that involves having a flat primary edge bevel that beings somewhere around the middle of the knife and continues along to the edge. The Wolf’s saber grind is strong, heavy-duty, and good for damn near any job. It makes quick work of any bushcraft, field-dressing game, splitting wood or any other campsite needs.

The saber grind gives you great control for delicate work but also takes care of the tough jobs, without a problem! It’s a tougher, stronger, blade grind that holds an edge like you wouldn’t believe!

Full Tang “Unbreakable” Design

 A full tang knife is a must-have for any survivalist, camper, or bushcrafter.
The wolf gives you the strength and versatility to take care of any and all jobs, even ones that a knife shouldn’t do (like prying or chopping),
without fear of the knife breaking and becoming a useless (and very sharp) paperweight.

Incredibly Strong Steel

  The 440C stainless steel blade has the perfect balance of edge retention and ease of sharpening, so you don’t need to worry about struggling with a dull knife out in the field.

And it has the added bonus of an incredibly tough titanium coating that protects it from wear and tear as well as rust. Not to mention this knife is damn near ¼” thick!

Did you see this video?

Hoffman Richter Wolf Stress TestI was still able to shave the hair off my arm, even after this knife was beaten into that tree trunk and stood on!  

That's how tough it is!

Remember, this knife is a single sheet of 1/4″ thick Stainless steel with a titanium coating!

Hoffman Richter WolfThe Hoffman-Richter Wolf also comes with an incredibly durable, ballistic nylon sheath.

Honestly this is the only thing I’m not a huge fan of on the knife… but that’s just because I have a personal preference for leather.

But hands down… The Hoffman-Richter Wolf is the most badass knife I’ve ever strapped to my hip.

If I were left in the wild and had to choose ONE knife to carry… The Wolf is the one I would choose.

The weight and feel of this knife is amazing, the edge retention is astounding…  

Don’t let the weight fool you though. While it may be a little heavier than you’re probably used to… I guarantee you’ve never lifted a better blade.

Its hefty without being bulky, and while you can split firewood with it, you can also carve up game or even filet a fish.

But the truth is, I could be a bit biased (I had a heavy hand in the design of this knife and spent over two years working with Hoffman-Richter), so I really want to know… What do you think?

If you haven’t already… Go here and grab your own Hoffman-Richter Wolf… I’ve got a members only price on this knife… but it won’t last long.


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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on July 7, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


When you get your Wolf, I want you to leave a comment and let me know what you think, or you can feel free to email me at [email protected].

Hoffman Richter Wolf

I’d love to hear what you think!

2 Responses to :
[First Look] An Honest Review Of The Hoffman Richter Wolf

  1. Robert Sperry says:

    Hey, I just got my “WOLF” it’s in caps on purpose, I have collected knives for many years, But I will say, I have never picked up a Knife as Tough as this one, I was amazed at the thickness of the Full tang Blade…If you want a knife to do it all. This one is the best I have ever seen. I may end up getting a few more for my Brothers, This Knife is AWESOME….Can’t say much else, I bet this knife sells for over 100.00 it is that good….:)

  2. Michael Udell says:

    be careful what you order from these guys. The order page only says you are ordering a knife but they will stick a charge on your credit card for something called AR family protection and then you are going to have to go through the process of canceling that order. Kind of a sneaky way of getting money out of people but I guess it is a dog eat dog world out there now.

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