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A home invasion can be a life-threatening situation and it doesn't just happen in high-crime neighborhoods. The reality is 1 out of 5 homes experiences burglary or violent home intrusion. Read on to see what you need to do to avoid intruders from breaking in your home.

Home Invasion: Keep Those Intruders Away

More often than not, it begins with an intruder forcibly entering a locked door by kicking it down or breaking the window. So on that note, below are some of the things you need to do in order to have a safer home and make it a hard target for any type of home invaders.


1. Establish a safe room

Establish a safe room | Home Invasion Tips | Things You Need To Do For A Safer Home
You need to have a safe room where your family can instantly retreat in the event of forced entry. The safe room needs to have several items such as a landline phone or spare cell phones, flashlights, and specific items that can aid in your survival. Do not leave the room until the police arrive. Also, secure the door of the safe room with dead bolt locks.

2. Have a “code word”

Have a "code word" | Home Invasion Tips | Things You Need To Do For A Safer Home
You have to develop a code word that will alert every member of the family to move into action when you notice the first signs of home invasion. This secret word or code will notify them to immediately go to the safe room. It can be a simple word like “ESCAPE” or anything that will inform them to get to safety.

3. Own a firearm

Owning a firearm comes with consequential responsibilities. Shoot the gun if you have some training to use it or when the situation requires you to pull the trigger at the perpetrator. Make a “fatal tunnel” and position yourself in a corner of the safe room opposite to the door so you can have enough time to decide whether you'll shoot the intruders or not. You'll have the advantage and you can assess the circumstances before you make a move. Consider having a shotgun because the sound of the shotgun being pumped can scare off the invaders.

4. Secure windows and doors

Secure windows and doors | Home Invasion Tips | Things You Need To Do For A Safer Home
It is very easy to open a door if it doesn't have more than 1 lock. Make sure you lock your deadbolts and also secure your windows. Reinforce your doors by installing deep box strike and sturdy frames so burglars can't easily knock it down. You can also plant thorny bushes outside your windows. These bushes can serve as an aesthetically pleasing hindrance and make your home safer.

5. Get security cameras and alarm systems

Get security cameras and alarm systems | Home Invasion Tips | Things You Need To Do For A Safer Home
If your home has equipment such as surveillance cameras, an alarm system, and motion sensor lights, it can definitely make your home a hard target. These security systems can break the bank but if you're a bit tight on the budget, you can purchase “dummy” cameras and alarm systems that look exactly like the real thing. It will give the impression that your home has a functional security system. Other than that, you can also purchase a bullhorn with a siren that you can turn on and cause home invader to flee.

6. Get a safe

Get a safe | Home Invasion Tips | Things You Need To Do For A Safer Home
If you own expensive jewels or other expensive valuables, might as well keep them in a safe. If the safe is a bit small, make sure it is bolted to the floor to make it more difficult for the robbers to get it. You can also place the safe in the safe room for additional security.

7. Know your neighbors better

Know your neighbors better | Home Invasion Tips | Things You Need To Do For A Safer Home
It is better to know your neighbors. Good neighbors always look out for each other especially in times of distress such as home invasions. You can invite them to your home or communicate with them as often as you can. It is helpful to establish trust with them for they can watch your home when you are away. But you need to be cautious who you invite to your home because the majority of break-ins are done by burglars who live nearby.


Defending your home is more than just having a gun. Watch this video and learn more home invasion tips!

Our home is our sanctuary, a place of comfort where we feel naturally safe. But we can never be too sure or complacent enough that nothing can go wrong. The absolute terror plus anxiety a family can experience during a home invasion is utterly one of the worst feelings ever. For us to avoid this traumatic scenario, we need to be aware of the possible tactics burglars may use. The staggering rate of home invasions is reason enough to secure our homes.

Do you know other home invasion tips to make your home a safer place? Share it with us in the comments below!

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