Perfect Spots To Set Up Your Home Security Cameras

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January 1, 2024 / Comments (6)

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Even if you have the best home security cameras, you still need to install them in the right spots to make sure your home is protected against theft. Read on and find out the ideal places to set up your cameras!

Home Security Cameras: Catch Thieves Red-Handed

A well-monitored home is a safe home. According to the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association, the chance of burglars invading houses without a security camera is three times higher than breaking into those with one.

Well-placed cameras not only help identify intruders and increase the likelihood of catching them, but it also makes thieves hesitant to break into a home. Before you decide to install home security cameras, know the perfect spots to put them.

1. Front Door

Front Door | Perfect Spots To Set Up Your Home Security Cameras
The front door of your home is the most popular entry point for burglars and criminals. While you may think most thieves will shy away from accessing them, an estimated 34% of burglars enter through the front door. Experts say that placing cameras about seven feet high and positioning them at a downward angle is ideal for recording clear facial images and producing the best detection results.

Further, home security cameras at the front door will serve as a deterrent and scare away burglars right away. Thus, investing in at least one security cam for your front door should be a top priority.

2. Back Door

Back Door | Perfect Spots To Set Up Your Home Security Cameras
An alarming 22% of burglars enter houses through the back door. This can give burglars time to rob you without being discovered easily. It is important to install cameras with a clear view of the back of the house.

Try placing your camera in such a way that you'll cover every area with one security camera without any blind spots. However, if you can invest in more cameras, two cameras placed parallel to one another or at either end of the back of your house will do the job.

3. First Floor Windows

First Floor Windows | Perfect Spots To Set Up Your Home Security Cameras
If burglars can't get in through the front door, they'll try a window. According to studies, 23% of burglars enter through the first-floor window, especially those off the street and behind your house.

Install your cameras outside, pointing to the first-floor or off-street windows. Also, you might want to consider an indoor camera facing the window. Additionally, you can place the camera in a visible place like the window ledge to discourage burglars from breaking in.



4. Backyard

Backyard | Perfect Spots To Set Up Your Home Security Cameras
Many thieves will try to access your backyard. As this area is out of public view, it is especially important to monitor this area. Consider installing an outdoor camera that can cover all areas in the backyard, including the entrance leading to it.

You may want to mount your security camera above the gate, so it can cover the entire entrance and exit way, as well as all sides of the yard.

5. Basement Stairs

Basement Stairs | Perfect Spots To Set Up Your Home Security Cameras
A lot of basements have access doors or windows large enough for thieves to creep in. Placing a security camera pointing at the basement stairs can record burglars who may break into your house. It can also serve as a warning sign to any intruders not to continue with their plan.

To give this area more protection, adding a motion sensor security alarm system is a good idea.

6. Garage

Garage | Perfect Spots To Set Up Your Home Security Cameras
One of the simplest ways to break into your house is through the garage. If burglars can't get in through the house doors and windows, they'll then try the garage door. A lot of people keep their sporting equipment, pricy tools, and other valuables in their garage, making it potentially at risk for theft. Place a security camera inside your garage to monitor this area.

7. Other Areas

Other Areas | Perfect Spots To Set Up Your Home Security Cameras
There are other areas that may need to be covered by a security camera, such as rooms with objects of value. If you have a large property, you might also want to keep an eye on other vulnerable entry points, such as the guest house, pool, animal shed or barn, etc. Monitor and record any suspicious activity that might happen in these areas.


Watch this video from TechBust and find out the best home security cameras on the market today!

Nowadays, where cases of home invasion and theft are constantly increasing, it is of utmost importance to have home security cameras. However, there are things you need to consider before you install. Consider a security camera with a wide-angle lens to cover multiple points. Lighting conditions are also a factor to keep in mind. Excessive exposure in your lighting can affect the footage. Further, an abrupt change in light will make viewing images difficult. When you combine stronger locks, doors, and windows with alarms and home security cameras, you'll have a higher chance of keeping your home burglar-free.

Home Security Cameras | Perfect Spots To Set Up Your Home Security Cameras

Already installed your home security cameras in the areas mentioned above? How does it affect your security? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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6 Responses to :
Perfect Spots To Set Up Your Home Security Cameras

  1. DoctorArt PhD says:

    Great tips. Thank you.

  2. Barry Newman says:

    Look into Arlo- high res cameras, battery operated, wireless, night vision, motion detection. Not hooked into alarm system, but attached by wifi to a hub that hooks into your network. They have worked wonderfully well so far.

  3. Alan W. says:

    I’ve found that the best and easiest to use inside or outdoor wi-fi camera is the Reolink Argus battery powered camera. It’s cheaper than Arlo, has an easier to use cellphone app and has 2 way audio, night vision as well as motion detector.

  4. Anonymous says:

    a good idea also is to connect a antenna rotor you control from inside that way you can scan all parts of your yard work very well for me

  5. Charlie R. says:

    We live out in the country and use a Cobra Hi Res 8 camera DVR from Harbor Freight. A wired system and will send info in the event of a camera firing on motion or whatever you have set for a trigger. Great value. Small cameras, easy to install and setup. Comes with 4 but the other color cameras are ~ $40.00/ea. I have the 4 but plan to pull more cables to setup the other 4 inputs. Two cameras at each corner of the house pointing toward the opposite directions. One at front door and one at back door. Plan to use a Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) in the back of the house to monitor the back yard and barn area. This is only a preventative. Remember a criminal does not mind if you see him/her enter as long as they cover their face. We will incorporate a safe for the valuables that are smaller.

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