Homemade Shotgun Ammunition: Flat Washers

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One of the most devastating weapons of all time is the shotgun. Something that many shooters don't know, is that you can actually make your own shotgun ammo, buy utilizing bird and target loads, and modifying the projectile. This significantly lowers the cost per round, making it more affordable to have projectiles that can damage your attacker.

This video shows a couple of guys stuffing flat washers into a shot shell, to see how they work. Make sure you watch the whole video, because they do slow-mo at the end, and you can actually see the flight path of the washers after they leave the muzzle.

Unfortunately, they don't test them out on a dummy or against a wall. But, it is still cool, nonetheless.

I've never made washer-shot before, but some of the most effective, and cheapest, are wax slugs which is something I've done. But, that will be a topic for another day. Enjoy the video:

As a bit of a disclaimer, make sure you check the legality of this in your area just in case you can get into trouble by doing it. Isn't it fun when you've got to check the laws just for being a freedom-loving American?
Sound Off Gun Carriers! Have you ever made your own shotgun ammo before? If so, what did you make and how? How did it shoot? Was it accurate? Does it even matter if it's accurate? Let us know in the comments below, and then make sure you subscribe to Gun Carrier's YouTube Channel.

4 Responses to :
Homemade Shotgun Ammunition: Flat Washers

  1. mike says:

    no 9 or 8 is good for home defence , most wont go thur walls , unless the muzzle is close to the wall.
    just think when the perp goes into the operating table do you really think the doctor will get all the
    shots out of his body???

  2. Robert says:

    This can be dangerous. Especially in shotguns that have a tighter choke dimension such as a turkey gun. Please make sure you check to ensure the projectile will actually leave the barrel, if not BOOM! You can be injuries by this.

  3. Denny says:

    Hmm, … FYI: I think that some people are SOooooooo Stupid that they should not be allowed to have GUNS and or, Children.

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