A Guide to Organizing Your Guns, Ammo, and Gear

Guns in Soft Secure Storage Case | A Guide to Organizing Your Guns, Ammo, and Gear | featured

Along with the excitement of a growing gun collection comes the duty of proper gun storage. Learn how to organize your gun storage room to maximize security and accessibility.

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5 Tips on How To Organize Your Guns and Ammunition Like a Pro

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1. Use Multiple Magnet Holders

Close up of several rifles inside a weapons cabinet | gun organization

A good way to jump-start your gun and ammo organization is by getting gun magnets. In fact, shooters can utilize these small, inexpensive tools to hang all their pieces, from large shotguns to small pistols.

For those who have small storage spaces, we encourage attaching the magnets onto cabinet doors. Hanging bulky firearms frees up your storage space for larger, more fragile shooting gear and equipment.

2. Hang Handguns on Hangers

Wardrobe for weapons. safe storage of guns | gun organization

Organizing multiple handguns is more challenging than most people make it out to be. If stored incorrectly, your pistols and revolvers could end up making a mess of your entire storage space.

Unfortunately, most shooters simply leave their smaller pieces lying around their cabinets. Bear in mind that a messy handgun collection cancels out your neatly stacked rifles and shotguns.

To maximize your gun storage room, get handgun hangers. As the name suggests, handgun hangers allow you to hang your smaller pieces by the muzzle, then stack them together on a higher, more accessible area.

3. Stack Rifles and Shotguns Vertically

Storage a lot of ak47 riffle machine gun | ammo organization ideas

Stacking larger pieces upright frees up floor space and allows you to sort different guns easily. So no matter what magnets, hangers, or cargo boxes you use to organize your storage room, always position rifles vertically.

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4. Tuck Magazines Away in a Pouch

A lot of loaded .223 rifle magazines stacked on a table | gun and ammo organization

Segregation plays a crucial role in holsters, magazines, and ammo organization techniques. Mixing your equipment will significantly make your storage room look more disorganized, so assign each piece a designated storage space.

The first pieces you should organize are your spare magazines. Instead of storing them in the same ammunition cans, invest in a separate magazine pouch. Choose a sleek option that you can discreetly tuck underneath other equipment.

5. Invest in Multiple Ammo Boxes

Ammo box isolated on white background | holsters, magazines, and ammo organization

Experts predict that the current ammo shortage will last several years. So if you still have ammunition, make sure to store them in an extra-safe location. Keep them away from harmful elements that might compromise firing quality.

For better security, get ammo boxes. These cheap, stackable boxes can carry several pounds of ammunition. Stack them on top of each other in a cool, dry place to ensure the ammo stays usable—no matter how long the shortage lasts.

Here’s an infographic guide. Don’t forget to download, save, or share this handy infographic for reference:

Tips on Organizing Your Guns and Gears | infographic

Check out this video by Safetyhub – Best Home Security Blog where they share the best ways how to organize your gun safe:

Every responsible gun owner should know how to organize their guns and ammunition. Messy, cluttered gun storage rooms will compromise the quality of your firearms. Even a high-quality shotgun would malfunction if kept in subpar storage conditions.

Also, keep in mind that there is no universal way to manage your gun safe. Do not limit yourself to one or two gun and ammo organization ideas. Instead, research designs online, then assess which options match your lifestyle and shooting preferences.

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What best practices do you follow when sorting your home armory? Share your tips on how to organize guns, ammo, and gear in the comments section!

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