Cell Phones for Survival?

Cell Phones for Survival? | Feature

Just recently I have gotten myself a new iPhone. The iPhone is a really awesome piece of survival gear when you know how to use it. The more recent versions of the iPhone include a compass app that is pre-installed. The compass does not require Wi-Fi or cell phone service to work. It works at all times. This app is extremely helpful in the woods or in a survival situation.

How to Protect Your Phone in a Survival Situation

ihpone compass app

Your cell phone could very well still have cell or data service deep in the woods. In my opinion, Verizon Wireless has the best national coverage in the United States. I would recommend using that service. Verizon covers most of the nation where there are people, even really small towns (I mean really, tiny towns!) Having Verizon coverage in a survival situation may allow you to make a rescue call. But what happens if your cell phone battery dies or when you drop and break your phone? We'll talk about how to avoid these problems with a few pieces of cell phone gear and tricks in a future article.

Buy the Best Case for Your Phone

The OtterBox cell phone case is one of the strongest cases around. Rumor has it that a phone with an OtterBox case could survive a car running over it!

The OtterBox case is water-resistant (not waterproof, but a little water won’t hurt it.) Growing up in a family with 8 children, my old iPod (similar to an iPhone) had survived many incidents by being protected by an OtterBox case. It had been thrown and dropped, even on cement, and it stilled worked. That was years ago, and surprisingly I still have that old iPod, even though it is so out-of-date you can hardly do anything on it.

I believe an OtterBox case will be enough to keep your cell phone intact in a survival situation. The OtterBox case is rather expensive but well worth it. The best part about the OtterBox case is if you break the case somehow, OtterBox will replace that case for absolutely free. And yes, they do have camo OtterBox cases; however, if you drop it in a survival situation it may be harder to find.

The LifeProof case may just be the strongest case in the world, and it's also the most expensive. This case is completely waterproof, break proof, and well, life proof. This case will survive any survival situation you are in.

Portable Battery Charger

Cell Phones for Survival? | Portable Battery Charger

The Anker PowerCore+ mini 3350mAh Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger is a device that charges your cell phone when you are out and about. You charge this mini charger at home and then take it out with you wherever you go. All you need is your phone’s charging cord and this device. This device has 3 to 4 hours of stored battery life for your phone and 14 hours of stored phone call life. It's like an extra rechargeable battery for your phone. It is a really great product to have for your phone in the event you run out of power during a survival situation.


Having a strong case and a portable charger will really make a difference if you have to rely on your phone in a survival situation. It will enable you to make a rescue call without worrying about breaking your phone or losing power.

In part 2, I will go over some tricks that will also help you in the woods.

Do you plan to rely on your cell phone in a survival situation? Sounds off in the comments below!

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