Gun Storage Solutions: How To Hide Your Guns

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With these gun storage solutions, you'll find ways and ideas to either hide or organize your gun stash effectively.

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Gun Storage Solutions: Organize, Hide, and Stash

Collecting Guns? You Need These Gun Storage Solutions

John Butler runs the books for us here at GC. He's a brilliant accountant hidden inside a lumberjack's body.

We're pretty sure his flannel alone could stop a tsunami cold, and his beard is so thick we'd wager those course mats of hair are more bullet-proof than Kevlar.

Years ago, John built a stone cabin by hand, tucked in a remote patch of Central Idaho near the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness.

We've seen photos (“cabin porn,” we call it), but nobody goes there but John. It's his sanctum, his personal church in the woods.

John doesn't worry about gun storage solutions too much, especially considering the jarring sequence of no-name dirt roads you have to crack your back down to get to this place.

The rest of us, however, know proper firearm storage in more common (as in populated) environments, which requires a little planning and foresight.

You need to keep your guns safe and hidden from intruders and curious children. You also need gun storage solutions to make your firearms easily accessible when you need to get to them at a moment's notice.

If your firearm inventory exceeds more than a couple of pieces, it might be wise to have one or two “everyday” go-tos you can find in one location. At the same time, prep the rest for more long-term options.

Hiding Guns from the Government Instructional Video

Building a simple structure lets you hide firearms of all sizes. This video gives instructions and uses for this easy addition to your home!

Just remember there is a certain amount of preparation that goes into long-term gun storage.

There are many ways to prep your gun for hiding, but the most common way is to disassemble it, spray it generously with good-quality gun oil, and wrap each component separately. Then you put them all together and seal them in a waterproof container.

Add desiccants to keep the moisture in check (the little packs you find in freeze-dried food…you know, the ones we've all eaten when making a hasty camping meal in the dark).

If you want to be able to use the gun when you find yourself in a dangerous situation, then just wrap the fully assembled gun with volatile corrosion inhibitor paper and place in a water-tight container, once again with desiccants. You can get big rolls of VCI online for around $20.

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Unique Places to Stash Firearms

We’ve all heard of hiding a safe behind a hanging picture, but have you ever heard of hiding a gun in an empty cereal box?


How about on a hook under the bathroom counter? Check out this great list of 40 secret storage ideas like these you probably haven’t thought of!

DIY Gun Storage Ideas and Projects

Hide your guns and add some decorative touches to your home at the same time! These projects provide gun storage ideas to hide your guns in any bookcase.

With this versatility, you could make these projects to keep your weapons concealed anywhere around the house.

1. Hidden Gun Cabinet Bookcase

Simply gluing some book spines to a box with the same depth as your bookcase will create an area of concealed storage.


Whether you use decorative book spines for the living room or cookbook spines for the kitchen, you can choose a look to easily conceal firearms in any room around the house!

These gun storage strategies will help you keep your guns hidden in plain sight.

2. Framed Art Secret Storage

You don't need to be a master craftsman to whip together this little framed art storage solution. We suggest using a really ugly piece of art so nobody is enticed to take it.


You can find the full tutorial here from our friends over at Design Sponge.

3. Gun Storage Binder Option

This is similar to the book version. This tutorial shows someone using it to hide booze, but we don't hide our booze at GC. Unless of course your liquor cabinet is stocked with wine cools, yah pansy.


There are of course countless options when it comes to gun storage solutions. We'd love to hear and see some of your ideas too.

Got quite a number of guns? Watch this video from SecureIt Gun Storage on how to build your own custom gun room:

Storing guns is always a matter of choice specific to your given environment. Keep yourself protected and your firearms inconspicuous with these ideas and this amazing report shows you why you MUST hide your guns.

Do any of these gun storage solutions pique your interest? Which ones? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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