9 Tips On How To Prepare For Natural Disasters

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Do we really need to know how to prepare for natural disasters? We live in a time when catastrophes occur frequently in different parts of the world. The sad part is, when it doesn’t involve us directly, we tend not to even think about it. But,

How To Prepare For Natural Disasters

Should you wait for a devastating calamity to hit your area, resulting in losing someone in your family, before you make the necessary preparations? If you ask me, I wouldn’t want that to happen at all. Even expert survivalists say that preparation is the key to surviving a disaster. So just how do we prepare for such? Well you’ve come to the right place because I can show you how to do exactly that.

Tip #1: Know The Risks That You Might Be Facing

For a start, you can do some research in the disaster history in your area. You can also coordinate with your local emergency unit, local fire department, and the Red Cross to be more precise in determining hazards. With the technology today, you can also sign up or use apps for weather alerts to keep you updated.

Tip #2: Build a Disaster Plan

Tip #2: Build a Disaster Plan | Tips on How to Prepare for Natural Disasters

The plan should be based on the primary disaster that could hit your area. Include your family and, if possible, your friends in the plan. Familiarize yourself with the shortest escape routes and alternate routes heading to your out-of-state contacts in case the first ones get clogged in traffic.

Tip #3: Prepare an Emergency Kit

Tip #3: Prepare an Emergency Kit | 9 Tips On How To Prepare For Natural Disasters

This is something that often gets ignored by many. A survival kit is essential when you need to make a hasty getaway or hunker down at home. There are different important items that should be in, mainly food, emergency equipment, and other essential supplies that will last for 72 hours. Include personal documents and medications in the pile.

Tip #4: Start Your Food and Water Stockpile

Tip #4: Start Your Food and Water Stockpile | 9 Tips On How To Prepare For Natural Disasters

There are different and effective ways to stock up on food and water. It should last at least 6 months to a year. Just in case the store shelves run out due to panic buying. If your water lines run dry due to damage, then you have enough water for you and your family. You can also stockpile on your bug out place for alternative supplies should the first one get damaged or stolen.

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Tip #5: Learn First Aid Skills

Learning how to initially treat injuries and illnesses can increase the chances of survival. Without it, you could be incapacitated or die due to those causes. Common injuries and illnesses are sprained ankles, broken bones, heart attacks, etc.

Tip #6: Have a Bug Out Vehicle Ready at All Times

If you lose your first vehicle, it gets stolen or breaks down, you know you have another one that is ready. You can also store initial supplies and emergency kit inside.

Tip #7: Agree on a Meeting Place

Prior to heading out to your bug out location, if you have one, you should be able to meet at an agreed place. This way, you can determine who is missing and needs help prior to heading out. This is in case cellphone towers are down, or a particular family member can’t contact you or vice versa.

Tip #8: Start an Emergency Fund

At an initial outbreak of a disaster or an emergency, money can be an essential tool other than food and supplies. Paying someone out for additional supplies, crossing a checkpoint, buying a gun, buying gas, renting out a room on your way from point A to point B, or even hiring a cab where money can be out into good use.

Tip #9: Prepare a Bug Out Place

Tip #9: Prepare a Bug Out Place | 9 Tips On How To Prepare For Natural Disasters

Most likely, hotels, inns and other such places may already be fully booked with other affected citizens from your area. Knowing you have a place to stay that is free from strangers and possible dangers will give you the peace of mind that you deserve. This way, you can still make your own homemade recipes to comfort you and your family while waiting for things to get back in order.


Watch this video by Food Insurance on 10 ways to prepare for an Emergency Disaster:

Again, these tips don’t guarantee a 100% survival rate for you, your family, or your friends. But it beats being unprepared and taking in the full force of a disaster head on. That I can guarantee, unless you have the greatest will to live, that you will surely end up dead if caught at the wrong place at the wrong time. More than anything else, you will reap the benefits of your preparations should you be caught in a disaster.

9 Tips On How To Prepare For Natural Disasters

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9 Tips On How To Prepare For Natural Disasters

  1. Really helpful tips for surviving natural disaster. I agree with you that people should always be ready just in case a disaster hits. We cannot stop any disaster from happening, we can only arm ourselves with knowledge. It’s best to be prepared.

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