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If you're a new owner of a handgun and what to improve your shooting skills, we have tips for you on how to shoot better with it. Check them out below!

4 Tips on How to Shoot Better With Handguns

Firing a handgun accurately and consistently takes a lot of time and effort, just like with any technical skill.

It’s most common for someone to need to spend thousands of hours practicing an activity, like shooting a handgun, to become a qualified “expert.”

That being said, there are some general tips you can keep in mind to shoot a handgun more accurately in the short term.

1. Master Your Stance

First off, you’ll need to master your shooting stance before you tackle anything else.

A stable and comfortable stance for your handgun will tell you slightly forward so you can manage the recoil a bit better.

There are three main types of shooting stances: Weaver, Modified Weaver, and Isosceles.

We could get into a whole other guide about these, but the stances have a few things in common.

They’ll have you keep your feet somewhat apart to maintain a solid stance, and they’ll have you maintain control over your arms to steady your aim and recoil control.

Look into the above stances a bit more and become proficient with at least one of them.

2. Get a Good Grip

Get a Good Grip | How To Shoot Better With A Handgun

Next, you need to work on your handgun grip. Like with stances, there are multiple technical names for the various grip styles that have come about over the past decades.

The most important general tips, however, are as follows:

  • your forearm should be in line with the gun, as this will help you absorb recoil from the weapon
  • both hands should grip the handgun securely
  • your empty palm should cover the grip entirely
  • your fingers should rest outside the trigger guard unless you’re about to fire

You should spend some time practicing your grip, and in particular, keeping your elbows slightly bent but firm to prevent locking your joints.

Combine your pistol grip with your stance and you’ll feel rooted like the trunk of a strong, defensive tree. That’s what you’re aiming for.

3. Squeeze the Trigger Smoothly

You’ll also need to practice squeezing your trigger smoothly.

Many beginners accidentally jerk their firearm when they squeeze the trigger, either out of over-enthusiasm or clumsiness.

A smooth trigger pull will minimize the effect on your accuracy that firing a shot inevitably brings.

A good idea for practicing is to squeeze your handgun’s trigger when there aren’t any cartridges loaded in the weapon.

Do this very slowly so that you get a feel for when the trigger “breaks” or when it causes the hammer to hit the firing pin.

Then practice doing this smoothly and more quickly in your firing stance with the proper handgun grip. Eventually, your sights should barely move when you pull the trigger.

Recoil will, of course, be more difficult to handle when you are using live ammunition, but this will train your body’s muscle memory to pull the trigger smoothly every time.

4. Don’t Forget to Breathe

Don’t Forget to Breathe | How to Shoot a Handgun Better

Don’t forget to practice your breathing when using your handgun.

Holding your breath is probably the most natural response when preparing to take a shot, but it can mess up your aiming and make you nervous.

Planning your breaths is a good idea if you want to bolster your accuracy. Breathe in before taking a shot, then breathe out.

As your lungs are almost empty, fire your shot. This minimizes how much your body moves from lung expansion and deflation, so you can focus only on accuracy.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Above all, using a handgun more effectively is dependent on how much you practice. Anyone can become proficient with these firearms, and it’s your American right to become skilled with them.

Hunting, self-defense, and property control are all good reasons to master the use of a handgun.

How are practicing to shoot better these days? We'd love to know your training routine in the comments section!

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