Bow Hunting Tips

bow hunting tips

Bow Hunting Tips

In this day and age where everyone wants the latest, hottest firearm, it seems like bow hunting is becoming a lost art. But don't write it off just yet — learning to shoot a bow is a great survival skill, and it's one you need to learn if you don't already know how.

So what are the benefits of bow hunting when guns are so readily available, effective and easy to use? Here are just a few:

  1. In a survival situation, you can make a bow and arrows out of found materials
  2. No ammunition necessary — great for when SHTF and ammo is scarce
  3. You can use a bow and arrow for hunting and fishing
  4. A bow is very light and portable; a perfect bug out weapon
  5. Unlike a gun, a bow is a virtually silent weapon

To learn more about the many benefits of bow hunting, and tactics to become a great bow hunter, check out the article below.

Tips for Bow Hunting for Survival

I know, we're living in the age of drones and wireless internet, we have a space program and ICBM's, we landed on Mars, we have hybrid cars and most of us don't leave home without at least 3 different electronic devices. Okay then, what is this guy blabbering about? Bow hunting?

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