How You Can Stand Up For the Second Amendment, Too

How You Can Stand Up For the Second Amendment, Too

March 10, 2020, will be a day of infamy… or just fame, for us at least!

It'll be a great day for Jerry Wayne, the heroic advocate for the Second Amendment who stood up to Joe Biden when the wannabe President decided to stop by and talk about how our guns aren’t needed. Confidence is one thing but arrogance… that’s something else.

What Happened?

Like we said, Biden visited a Detroit auto plant in order to drop down from his ivory tower and talk to regular folks for a bit. Not a bad goal, in theory. But then he started talking about how he didn’t support the Second Amendment and claimed that “no one needs an AR… 14?”

That’s right; Biden gaffed, which is more and more a common occurrence these days.

In any event, Jerry Wayne decided to debate the presidential candidate and discuss the value of the Second Amendment before he was rudely interrupted. Biden even became physically intimidating, pointing and poking at Wayne’s chest to provoke him into a confrontation.

Needless to say, Wayne didn’t rise to this particular taunt and remained steadfast in his beliefs. It’s an example we could all benefit from, particularly in this political climate.

How Wayne Succeeded

The debate over gun control and Second Amendment rights has been raging for decades. Despite our efforts, many people view those who support the Second Amendment as violent or aggressive loudmouths who don’t know what we’re talking about or who’re too attached to our weapons to be dealt with in conversation.

Jerry Wayne standing up to Joe Biden was remarkable precisely because it counteracted this common leftist narrative. In remaining calm and discussing his viewpoints as a mature man, Wayne demonstrated that he and those like him are not necessarily the boogeymen that the media constantly tries to make us out to be.

In effect, Wayne did something way more important than stop Biden’s rambling; he acted as a positive symbol for the Second Amendment rights movement as a whole.

What You Can Do To Help

The debate still isn’t over, unfortunately, and it’s likely not to be for quite some time. Despite the fact that many leftists are ironically buying guns and ammunition in anticipation of a tyrannical Trumpian regime, there are still plenty of people who think that guns should be taken away unanimously from Americans and that the Second Amendment should be unceremoniously erased from the Constitution.

However, going to forums and message boards and arguing with people whose minds are already made up isn’t going to help things. Neither is losing your temper. Instead, taking after Jerry Wayne’s ideals and attitude is a much better bet for the short and long-term.

For starters, it shows that we’re rational in our opinions and can hold our tempers much better than those ostensibly “against” gun violence.

For another, it draws anyone in the middle more to our points of view. If you were undecided on the gun control issue and saw one side acting rationally and calmly and the other side sputtering and getting facts wrong (seriously, what's an AR-14, Joe?), which would you rather side with? 

Summing Up

In the end, Jerry Wayne might think he did nothing special, but that’s just not true. Many people feel the same as us, including a local Michigan gun store named Next Level Armament. They provided Wayne with a custom rifle to mark his virtue and confidence.

This goes to show how small movements and moments of bravery can inspire many other people to do the right thing.

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