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In this episode is Craig DeLuz who is the President & CEO of 2A News Corporation who discussed gun rights, 2A Rights, HR127, and HR30, among others.

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HR127, HR30, 2A Rights Discussion

He is the former Director of Legislative & Public Affairs for the Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC), and currently is the Host of Morning Coffee with Craig for the FPC.

Craig also serves as the Director of Communications for Florida Carry & is the host of The Gunshine State for FC.

He is the spokesman and host of CRATV for the California Republican Assembly and is a 16-year member of the Robla School Board in Sacramento, CA; where he has served as Board President for 9 of those 16 years.

1) You have a foot on each coast in 2A Activism and Advocacy. And you wear a ton of different hats in that endeavor. What was the original driving force that caused you to be so involved?

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2) With Federal Anti-Rights Bills like HR127 and HR30 being written can we possibly OVER-state how serious the assault on our 2A Rights is?

3) There are far too many people who think “someone else will do it”. And at a time when we are at an all-hands-on-deck DEFCON level, how DO we activate activism?

4) You are going to be speaking at a big event in FL on Saturday, March 20th. Tell us about this event?

What are your thoughts about the HR127 and HR30? Share them in the comment section provided below.

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