Hunger Games Survival Guide

November 22, 2013 / Comments (4)


To commemorate the release of the newest installment in The Hunger Games Trilogy, Survival Life wants to offer up a few tips that could help any tributes that may need them


Read below and help us celebrate the 75th Annual Hunger Games!


With seven real-life survival tips to help you get through each of the deadly traps within the Quarter Quell arena, you’re sure to become the next Victor.

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May the odds be ever in your favor!

SL Hunger Games Final 11.21.2013

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Hunger Games Survival Guide

  1. Mike Z says:

    Great tie-in with popular culture, Stephanie!

    Of note, however: I’d be careful about the blanket “Play dead around a bear” strategy — here in Canada, we have black, brown, and polar bears, and each have a very different temperament and the approch for dealing with each is different.

    For example, far from playing dead, encounters with black bears should usually be somewhat confrontational, since they’re mostly curious scavengers, prone to avoid conflict when in the wild. So you should make yourself big, noisy, and generally a hassle to deal with.

  2. Anonymous says:

    cow go moo

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