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Deer hunting is becoming increasingly popular but a new trend has emerged. Hunters are no longer enjoying the sport because their goals have changed. The hunt and the kill were enough to make any hunter happy. Nowadays they want a monster buck.

Deer Hunting Laws by State

Blame it on testosterone-fueled egos, narcissism, approval-seeking behavior, natural competitive spirit, peer pressure or the social media. A good number of hunters are under pressure from their shooting friends to bring home a monster buck. These so-called friends equate a trophy whitetail as the sign of manhood.

Deer Season and Hunting Laws by State

It’s that time of the year again. Hunting season is back and it definitely gives every hunter out there a buzz that only deer hunting can provide.
Getting out there in the woods, smelling the fresh air, savoring the silence, and waiting in anticipation for a deer to show up… all these things are positively refreshing. What a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, where you have the smog, the traffic and the pressures of work.
Indeed, prepping for the hunting season is exciting. Just remember to apply for the appropriate license and necessary permits for your state.
If you have been wondering when hunting season begins in your area and how to get a license, read on. We have a list of season dates and other hunting laws for all 50 states, in alphabetical order.
Hunting Laws By State
Colorado |Connecticut|Delaware|Florida|Georgia
Hawaii | Idaho|Illinois|Indiana|Iowa
Kansas |Kentucky|Louisiana|Maine|Maryland
Montana|Nebraska|Nevada|New Hampshire|New Jersey
New Mexico|New York | North Carolina|North Dakota|Ohio
Oklahoma|Oregon|Pennsylvania|Rhode Island|South Carolina
South Dakota|Tennessee|Texas|Utah|Vermont
Virginia|Washington|West Virginia|Wisconsin|Wyoming
Alabama Deer Hunting Laws
Hunting season: October-February, depending on the hunting zone and method. Here is an excerpt:
Antlered Bucks by Stalk or Dog Hunting
Zone A: Nov. 22 – Jan. 15
Zone B: Nov. 22 – Nov. 30 and Dec. 11 – Jan. 25
Antlered Bucks Stalk Hunting Only, No Dogs
Zone A: Jan. 16 – Jan. 31
Zone B: Jan. 26 – Feb. 10
Click here for more details.
All-game license required to hunt deer.
Lifetime hunting license available.
Follow the link to read more.
Alaska Deer Hunting Laws
Hunting season: August 1 to December 31, dependent on the hunting unit, weapon, and many other considerations.
To see the specifics, click here.
Hunting regulations
Alaska has complicated hunting regulations and there are plenty of requirements that you need to meet. Apart from the hunting license, there are harvest permits, harvest reports, and sealing requirements. Non-residents of Alaska also have to meet the guide requirements. Click here to read more.
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“If you got yourself a regular deer or buck, you are not good; not a man at all. Look at us, we spend a lot of money on selected and exclusive hunts to make sure we bag a monster buck. And we’re gonna post the photos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. This is the way it should be. If you don’t harvest a trophy, don’t even think of hunting with us.”

So this is what hunting is all about now. Hunting for a big game wallhanger; a status symbol. It’s back to the old school bragging and showboating. It’s a sad, sad situation you are in if you fall victim to this kind of pressure. Think about it; are these hunters really your friends? Are these expensive hunts really worth the price? When in fact, the trophy whitetail that they hang on the wall is about as good as it was bought from a store.

This new attitude ruins the real and genuine purpose of hunting. The time and effort put into the hunt has come to nothing. Those who have been exposed to the old deer hunting tradition would agree that hunting for the sake of recognition and approval is like buying a falsified credential. It sure makes a hunter look good and accomplished but there is no sense of true triumph. For these pitiful guys it’s all about having something to brag about.

Hunting takes a lot of work, time and practice. There are times when you miss the target, your feet ache and your joints start to burn. It’s definitely not a very comfortable endeavor. All these challenges no longer matter when the goal is different.

When you sense that this has become the outlook of your hunting buddies, it’s time to look for new company. They’ll just bring you down and ruin all the fun and joy of the sport that we all love.

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