Hunting: Learning to Hunt | Survival 101

Hunting to Live

Hunting is an invaluable skill in a survival scenario. You can start it out as a sport but when the SHTF, it will become second nature to you.

Hunting to Live, Living to Hunt: A Vital Survival Skill

There’s little doubt that hunting is a skill that could come in handy in an SHTF scenario. When supermarket shelves are picked clean, shipping lines are disrupted, and panic has set in across all populous areas, well, let’s just say your family probably isn’t going to be frequenting your favorite neighborhood restaurant anymore. So what exactly is hunting and what do you need to do to learn to hunt?

Hunting Is A Lifetime Sport

The best survival skills are not just those that can bring joy to your daily life, but also those that are useful when the SHTF. That’s why I always say hunting is a “lifetime sport.” Like most other lifetime sports, you can enjoy hunting well into your golden years.

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1. Weapons Training

Hunting to Live

Knowing how to handle weapons is definitely a must when you want to go hunting. Cleaning, maintaining, caring and shooting your weapon is the first thing you need to learn. This must be done with intent and regularly.

2. Weapons  Safety

Hunting to Live

Once you've learned how to shoot, the next most important thing is weapon safety. The chances of shooting yourself or others by just handling the weapon alone are greater without learning this very important skill.

3. Know What And Where You Can Hunt

Hunting to Live

Your state has hunting regulations for what game animal you're allowed to hunt, where to hunt and which weapons you're permitted to use. Search for hunting laws in your respective state and familiarize yourself with each of them.

4. Acquire A Hunting License

You cannot just go hunting in your state without first acquiring a hunting license. These days you purchase a license online. Most government websites already have specifics on the hunting laws, licenses, and permits you can learn about online.

5. Tracking & Stalking

Hunting takes skill in scouting which game animal is present in the area. You can't just walk around and expect a deer or moose to walk up on you. Learn to identify tracks, stool and food source location. Observe tracks made by dangerous animals such as grizzly bears, wolves or mountain lions and avoid them at all costs. There are also different pieces of equipment made available in online stores for scouting game.

6. Camouflage

Hunting to Live

Picking the right tree to wait upon your game animal is also vital. You can either use a hunting blind or clothing like a ghillie suit for extreme stealth. The direction of the wind is also vital in choosing your location. Most game animals have a very sensitive sense of smell.

7. Hunting With Dogs

Hunting to Live

Hunting is spending time outdoors with your close friends and family…even with your pets. It’s a little bit of everything, rolled into a very exciting and addictive hobby. Here's a list of the best hunting dogs in the world.

 8. Reporting Your Kill

Hunting to Live

Responsibilities in being a hunter don't end when you get a kill. You need to document everything and update the details via the internet or by phone. This will help wildlife authorities keep track of the specific game animal populations.

Benefits Of Learning To Hunt

Hunting to Live

Let’s take a good look at just a handful of important benefits hunting can provide that have nothing to do with shooting and/or eating.

  • Hunting helps you get familiar with the rural areas, discover landmarks, native species, and plants that could be useful in a survival situation.
  • You’ll learn about the terrain and geology, where to find water, etc. The value of knowing your surroundings can’t be overstated.
  • Spending time in nature, surrounded by the sights and sounds of native animals, plants, and trees has a calming effect. This will definitely come in handy when the SHTF, but it’s also very important in your daily life.
  • Establishing good relationships. Far too often, we underestimate the simple power of sharing information and skills person-to-person. When you hunt, you develop contacts and relationships with farmers, ranchers, and other hunters.


If you’d like to pick up a new hobby that can provide just as many benefits in your life today as it will in a survival scenario, download “Hunt Great Deer” today – while it’s FREE!

Watch this video posted by deermeatfordinner as he shows what you need to know about duck hunting:

The only thing I ask is you leave me a review, good or bad I want to know what you think! I wholeheartedly encourage you to get out in the woods and learn about the sport of hunting first hand. Then, should you ever need to use your skills in an SHTF situation, you’re more than just mentally prepared, you will know exactly where to go and what to do.

Do you have anything more to add on learning how to hunt? Please add them in the comments below!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published on March 4, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

15 Responses to :
Hunting: Learning to Hunt | Survival 101

  1. Al McLennan says:

    Thanks for the freeby. I plan to move to Tn and my new neighbor said he would teach me to hunt deer. At least with this booklet I won’t appear to be a total idiot.

  2. Ken Kirkham says:

    Anyone seeking to hunt during a SHTF scenario had better know who owns the land and better have permission. I am serious about the sign on my property, “anyone entering my property without an invite or warrant will be treated as any other trespasser and shot on sight”.
    Your lack of preparation is not a license to poach, steal, or in any other way take what is not yours.
    If you want to go to the country and not be shot on sight you should go to the land owner and ask if he has work for you to earn food and shelter. That is the only way you may live through your attempt to go unprepared into the future.
    during the depression people also hunted for food and in very short order there were no more deer to hunt.
    I intend to provide work and food for refugees and expect to support up to 100 people on my land. The only way they get a chance to to ask for work…any other approach will not be acceptable.

    1. ALBERT says:

      Well said CHARLES, Just Remember one thing: In a Land without LAWS, Every Honest Land Owner, Or Citizen, Becomes a Target, For those ILLEGALS & CRIMINALS whom NEVER OBEY the LAWS of the Land, Anyway.
      As for those Criminals that are currently in Prison, They Represent only 5% of the,” Criminal Ice-Burg,” that is in our country as we speak.
      The rest are just waiting to strike!

  3. Sara says:

    Very interesting. I agree with the commments above. I’m too old to do the outdoor thing but I have 15 grandsons to share this with.

  4. ALBERT says:

    When buying a Car, It’s always good to know how to Drive first! & Know where your going to go.
    Hunting is the same thing, Owning & shooting your gun is one thing, Hunting & Taking game, Another. However, Knowing Exactly How & when to CLEAN your Animal, is an All Time Important thing too know as well.
    As a rule, No two animals are skinned the same, Hanging a deer is best, as with these large game animals, you’ll need a deep pit to catch the blood & Bladder Fluids, And if Possible hang the deer overnight [if the temp is cold]If you have thought ahead, Use Cheese Cloth to Cover the Now Cleaned Deer( After Gutting it) To help keep flies & Bugs from getting to the exposed body cavity.
    Next, Comes the Skinning[ Though some prefer skinning First(Your Choice) ] The rest is rather straight forward, Using a BONE SAW, Cut off the Leg Joints first, Then the rest is easy. Except if your on the Trail, Then Preserving your Meat Becomes as Important as Getting it in the first place!

    1. Nunya says:

      Skinning a cat, skinning a deer: many ways to do either. If the animal is hanging while you gut it, you have to battle it spinning and the entrails are likely to fall out of the cavity when you’ve freed them up, not to mention a wave of blood and other fluids if you damaged vitals. Digging a hole is probably not worth the effort, unless you’re gutting it in a highly visible place and don’t want to offend: The varmints will dig it up and devour it before morning whether it’s on the surface or buried. Being able to hoist your game up after gutting it can make it easier to drain out the cavity and skin it off the ground, but in a hoist-less (prairie) environment, skinning and quartering as you go can be done on the ground, one side at a time, using the hide as a tarp. T-shirts (old ones, if you’ve prepared, or the one you’re wearing if you’re under pressure) make excellent, breathable meat covers.

  5. Nunya says:

    Time to adapt, then. I would be working on my recipe book for wolf.

  6. ALBERT says:

    My Dad had a Cure for those that Choose to hunt on our posted land. He’d
    Hunt their cars & pick-ups, Bagging a few Tires & Lics. Plates, And leave them Chained to the Local Police IMPOUND Yards. In no time at all, these Trespassers would leave our land, Never to return!As for Not Doing anything Wrong?, Trespassers, Hunting for Deer, Have a Bad Habit of, Cutting holes in :Line or Partition Fences, Shooting Cows, Sheep, Horses and other Livestock & Letting the Animal suffer a slow death instead of owning up to their mistake!, Then with the Invention of the SNOW MOBILE , Things really got out of hand!

    1. ALBERT says:

      Your First Correct, A Good relationship with the Farmer/Land Owner is Paramount.
      as For Calif. Laws, I Think I mentioned that this farm was in MICHIGAN. Each State has their own Laws, As such, What is practiced in one, may not be so, in others.
      In other words, Know the Hunting Laws in the State your Hunting in, & Follow them!, The life you save, may be your own!!

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