These Hunting Shotguns Are The Best Bang For Your Buck

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October 3, 2019 / Comments Off on These Hunting Shotguns Are The Best Bang For Your Buck

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On the quest to look for the best hunting shotguns, you're bound to poke a hole in your wallet. However, we have generously listed these hunting shotguns, which will get you the most out of your money—so, read on to find out which hunting shotgun best suits you.

Hunting Shotguns For Every Smart Hunter's Arsenal

What are the features to look for in a hunting shotgun? There is a wide variety of chokes, calibers, and action styles but a good hunting shotgun should ultimately be reliable. It must be simple as well. A hunting shotgun with less moving parts is easier to maneuver while you're in action. You would want a hunting shotgun that is not just reliable and simple but also worth your money. In this post, find out which of these hunting shotguns are the best fit for your hunting gear!


Remington 870 – $399

The Remington 870 is no doubt the best shotgun on the market today. If you've done your homework, you can find the Model 870 in any “best shotgun” list there is. I've held a couple of these 870's and the action is just smooth. It almost feels like it will never fail. But the best thing about this pump-action is it closely competes with guns near the 4-digit price for just $399.

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Mossberg 835 – $650

What I like about the Mossberg 835 are its sleek design and lightweight components. It's almost as if you're shooting lighter rounds, even with Mag shells despite the light build of this gun. You just don't get the same amount of kick from when you shoot those 3 1/2-inch shells with other pump-actions.

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Winchester SXP – $479.99

One of the most well-balanced guns of this century, the Winchester SXP provides a smooth pumping motion for a quick follow-up shot. While other hunters frown upon pump-action rifles, they probably haven't held an SXP to debunk the poor follow-up myth. I'd say the SXP is a revolutionary shotgun and a great investment.

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Stevens 555 – $700

The Stevens 555 is an over/under shotgun that's basically two barrels over and under each other. What's great about this shotgun is you can have two chokes with one gun and shoot the fastest follow-up shot. Despite the 555's single trigger system, rather than one for each barrel, I still find it worth the cash.

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Browning BPS – $599.99

Browning's BPS is almost the same as Remington's 870 pump-action. Everything just feels almost the same with this shotgun as the 870, with the additional of its ambidextrous design. However, I'd feel more comfortable shooting with the walnut stock rather than the synthetic ones Browning offers. Nonetheless, it's still a great deal at $599.

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Benelli Super Black Eagle II – $1,799

When talking about versatility, I think the Super Black Eagle II would come out on top of this list. You can actually shoot 2 3/4″ to 3 1/2″ shells without adjustments with this rifle. Plus, it's meant to withstand harsh weather conditions making it a perfect go-to gun for rugged outdoor trips! The only thing that bothers me is its price soaring over a grand than what I'd usually pay for in a shotgun.

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Remington SP-10 – $850

Most waterfowl hunters probably have a Remington SP-10 somewhere in their collection. It was before the 12-gauge shotgun boomed to its popularity today that hunters preferred the 10-gauge. Despite it being old, I'd still pick the Remington SP-10 any day of the week. I like how its heavy weight makes me feel more manly while aiming and shooting at those fowl all over the skies.

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Beretta 8400 Xplor Unico – $1,755

Beretta is one of the pioneer shotgun manufacturers and the 8400 has been in their arsenal since the 50's. As such, you wouldn't expect less for their newest release of the same model in 2009 with the same classic smoothness and reliability as it did more than 50 years ago. Semi-autos are excellent at shooting follow-up rounds to ensure the kill. At $1,755, you'd get the best of what's on the market today.

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Weatherby Orion – $1099

Not only does the Orion perform well, it's a beauty, too. Although, you might get wrong ideas having Weatherby produce the same name as SKB's Orion. It's a completely different gun and its performance is superb as well. For a little over a grand, you'll get great value and a very reliable hunting companion.

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Ithaca Model 37 – $999

If you fancy hunting, the 37 is a perfect match to what you're looking for. If you don't, it's still the go-to gun for home-defense firearms owners. It's an all around go-to gun for everyone due to its excellent recoil management and a bottom ejection mechanism, which prevents dirt from getting into its chamber. It's a rugged gun, efficient at firing shots without having to mind the elements.

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Citori 725 – $2,1499

I haven't actually owned Browning's Citori 725 but I have a few friends who do. They have nothing but good reviews about the trigger. It's smooth with just an ample amount of pressure to pull. I have high hopes for this firearm to click in the market for all hunters and gun enthusiasts.


Learn more about hunting shotguns in this Big Daddy Hoffman video:

I know this list is not complete and it's far from naming all the best hunting shotgun there is. But the items on this list are the ones I personally know about, and I can't help but share them with you here. Again, a hunting shotgun must be reliable, simple, moreover, worth every penny.

Do you like this list of hunting shotguns? If your favorite hunting shotgun isn't on this list, let us know by posting a comment!

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published in October 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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