These Hunting Shotguns Are The Best Bang For Your Buck

January 13, 2020 / Comments (15)

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On the quest to look for the best hunting shotguns, you’re bound to poke a hole in your wallet sooner or later. Hunting shotguns are not cheap and when you’re out buying and trying everything the Internet suggests, you’ll run out of dough soon enough. Trust me, I’ve seen people do exactly just this and I can paint a picture of regret with their faces. That’s why we’ve generously listed these hunting shotguns that’ll get you the most bang out of your bucks, (pardon the pun). So take a peek to see exactly what you’re looking for.

Hunting Shotguns That Won’t Break Your Bank

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For hunting shotguns, reliability is everything. I’ve had my fair share of shotguns that were good on the field but bad on the range, and vice versa. For one thing, I’d rather have something that’s both good and reliable on both field and the range. But hunting shotguns aren’t really that cheap, if you know what I mean. Although there are a wide variety of chokes, calibers, and action styles, a good hunting shotgun should ultimately be reliable and you need to spare a few extra dollars to guarantee reliability. Thus, a shotgun with less moving parts does the job best. Take a look at these hunting shotguns that will be well worth your money!

Remington 870 – $399

Remington 870 - $399 | These Hunting Shotguns Are The Best Bang For Your Buck

image via range365

The Remington 870 is no doubt the best shotgun in the market today. If you’ve done your homework, you can find the Model 870 in any “best shotgun” list there is. I’ve held a couple of these 870’s and the action is just smooth, almost feels like it’ll never fail. But the best about this pump-action is it closely competes with guns near the 4-digit price for just $399.

Mossberg 835 – $650

Mossberg 835 - $650 | These Hunting Shotguns Are The Best Bang For Your Buck

image via gunsamerica

What I like about the Mossberg 835 are its sleek design and its lightweight components. However, it’s almost as if you’re shooting lighter rounds, even with Mag shells despite the light build of this gun. You just don’t get the same amount of kick from when you shoot those 3 1/2-inch shells with other pump-actions.

Winchester SXP – $479.99

Winchester SXP - $479.99 | These Hunting Shotguns Are The Best Bang For Your Buck

image via gunsamerica

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One of the most well-balanced guns of this century, the Winchester SXP provides a smooth pumping motion for a quick follow-up shot. While other hunters frown upon pump-action rifles, they probably haven’t held an SXP to debunk the poor follow-up myth. I’d say the SXP is a revolutionary shotgun and a great investment.

Stevens 555 – $700

Stevens 555 - $700 | These Hunting Shotguns Are The Best Bang For Your Buck

image via range365

The Stevens 555 is an over/under shotgun that’s basically two barrels over and under each other. What’s great about this is that you can have two chokes with one gun and shoot the fastest follow-up shot. However, despite the 555’s single trigger system–rather than one for each barrel–I find it worth the cash.

Browning BPS – $599.99

Browning BPS - $599.99 | These Hunting Shotguns Are The Best Bang For Your Buck

image via browning

Browning’s BPS is almost the same as Remington’s 870 pump-action. Everything just feels about the same with this shotgun as the 870, with the additional of its ambidextrous design. However, I’d feel more comfortable shooting with the walnut stock rather than the synthetic ones Browning offers. Nonetheless, it’s still a great deal at $599.

Benelli Super Black Eagle II – $1,799

Benelli Super Black Eagle II - $1,799 | These Hunting Shotguns Are The Best Bang For Your Buck

image via gunsandammo

When talking about versatility, I think the Super Black Eagle II would come out on top of this list. You can actually shoot 2 3/4″ to 3 1/2″ shells without adjustments with this rifle. Plus, it’s meant to withstand harsh weather conditions making it a perfect go-to gun for rugged outdoor trips! The only thing that bothers me is its price soaring over a grand than what I’d usually pay for in a shotgun. If you’re looking for a tool that’s as versatile as the Super Black Eagle II, then this Hoffman Richter Multi-tool is perfect. Get it right here.

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15 Responses to :
These Hunting Shotguns Are The Best Bang For Your Buck

  1. John Kennedy says:

    How about a nice 12 ga double barrel (side by side) Maybe a Stevenson?

    1. George O says:

      Gun huggers are wankers

      1. patriot2 says:

        gun huggers?are you an anti-gun moron?

        1. George O says:

          No, I just need a reasonable amount of them. I can’t shoot 10000 of them at once.

      2. Noe says:

        “Wankers”? Are trying to come across as intelligent? You failed. Non gun huggers are banal ,petulant , pedestrian , obtuse , and then you, BORING

  2. JungleCogs says:

    I was going to mention the same; not a nice double in the batch. Good basic scatter guns, but where is the love of tradition and beauty. Must be an article just for meat hunters 😉

  3. Jeremy Snell says:

    what a joke and waste of money… Walmart sells the Maverick 88 for less than $200, which will perform as well as ANY of these ….. idiots… FU !!

    1. Alllens says:

      Sure the 88 will perform as well as any of these… until it doesn’t. There are reasons it is cheap compared to others. Cheaper materials, less time and effort put into design, finish and general quality, means it will likely have more failures sooner, will not be as smooth and fast cycling, and just looks like junk compared to better guns. Nothing wrong with that, but you really do get what you pay for.

      1. George says:

        You are absolutely right. I have a friend that duck hunts, and he buys a cheap Mossberg, uses the heck out of it all season, then throws it away and buys another one the next year.

  4. Timothy Adkins says:

    You got that right John, when my girl`s we`re kid`s they thought mine was an elephant gun. LOL..

  5. Oldgringo says:

    My father taught me to hunt with a single shot, 16ga btw. When you have no follow up you learn fast or fail. His was a Winchester pump 12ga. I miss that gun.

  6. Richard L. Misner says:

    I love my Remington 1100 one of the best!

    1. Thomas F Valent says:

      I’ve had my 1100 for 40 years. It’s the most reliable semiauto ever made.

      1. patriot2 says:

        have to agree with you & Richard,remington puts out some of the best of everything.

      2. Richard L. Misner says:

        Thomas you are so right I have had mine for 36 years one of the best guns ever made!

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