Never Fear The Walking Dead Again With These Badass Weapons

August 11, 2018 Click Here To See The Comments One of my favorite shows, AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead is finally coming back on air August 12, 2018 and it’s got me thinking… If we were...

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August 11, 2018 / Comments (261)

Fish Like a Redneck 26 Wacky Fishing Tips

July 25, 2018 Click Here To See The Comments Here are wacky fishing tips for you so you can fish like a redneck. For ease of execution, you need to keep in mind that fishing is an art. And just like all...

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July 25, 2018 / Comments (13)

Hunting Rifle Portraits Do Not Perpetrate School Shooting Culture

March 7, 2018 Click Here To See The Comments Several years ago, Broken Bow Public Schools in Nebraska was criticized for permitting its high school seniors to pose with rifles, hunting dogs and trophies....

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March 7, 2018 / Comments (0)

4 Best Caliber Options for Turkey Hunting

October 24, 2017 Click Here To See The Comments Now that turkey hunting season is nearly upon us, it’s time for you to think about which type of weapon that you are going to use for your next hunting...

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October 24, 2017 / Comments (7)

Deer Hunting for Beginners- An Introduction To The Hunt

May 29, 2017 Click Here To See The Comments In a world where our food sources are more and more commercialized and nearly coming off of an assembly line, who wouldn’t want access to 100% meat...

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May 29, 2017 / Comments (14)

Wild Hog Hunting | Help Your Local Farmers While Bringing Home The Bacon

April 24, 2017 Click Here To See The Comments So who does not love pork, right?  For us hunters there is a huge opportunity to score large amounts of pork, and I am not talking about getting it from...

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April 24, 2017 / Comments (16)

Turkey Hunting Strategy For The Warm Weather Hunter

April 22, 2017 Click Here To See The Comments I have been looking forward to writing this article about turkey hunting for quite some time.  Growing up in the foothills of the Pocono Mountains in...

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April 22, 2017 / Comments (3)

How To Skin A Deer Correctly

April 17, 2017 Click Here To See The Comments Learning how to skin a deer is a simple task.  Make it even easier by having the right tools for the job.  This includes a knife, a rope, saw and a...

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April 17, 2017 / Comments (4)

A Story of Personal Survival | Survival Lessons From The Field

February 18, 2017 Click Here To See The Comments Come on over kiddos, Uncle Craig wants to tell you a story. The best kind of story, because this one is 100% true and it is full of survival lessons. In all...

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February 18, 2017 / Comments (5)

Idaho Hunting Laws

February 6, 2017 Open season is just a few weeks away for most of the US. It's an exciting time of year for veteran hunters and beginners alike.But before heading out on your first hunt, make sure you're...

Written by:

February 6, 2017 / Comments Off on Idaho Hunting Laws


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