Do You Put Gun Decals On Your Car?

pro gun sticker

July 20, 2016 / Comments (16)


By a show of hands (in the form of comments down below), how many of you put pro 2A stickers on the back of your car/truck? This is a serious question that I posed to a different audience over a year ago. What I'm about to say isn't meant in any way to sway you to my point of view on the matter, I just want to get you thinking about it in a different light, in case you've never thought about it this way.
Me? Personally, I don't put any stickers on any of my cars. I want to take a moment to apologize to the NRA and all of the companies who send me goodies along with stickers and decals, because they never make it to my car. They do get used, but it's usually by my three year old who just happens to be sticker-obsessed. So, thank you for that.
Here's my thinking…
I live in Pennsylvania which is literally surrounded by gun-hating states. We travel several times per year for business or pleasure, and have to drive through one of those states, in every direction we could go in with the exception of Ohio. More often than not, I find myself driving through Maryland.
I don't want to give the police in MD any reason to pull me over. If that means I don't get to adorn my car with fancy decals, then so be it.
Pro gun sticker
That's not the only reasoning behind my choice to not put pro-gun stickers on my car, however. Truth be told, I don't want it to make me a target for thieves. I have this argument with people from time to time, the people on the other end always telling me that break ins never happen because the criminals don't want to get shot. Here's your proof, if you need it.
Of course, there are reasons why putting these stickers on your car is great, like making liberal heads explode. And, just showing your support for the gun industry, in general, is a great thing.
Really, I see both points, and I'm not here to tell you one way is better than the other. That's for you to decide. Personally, I'd rather not advertise. After all, what I do is called concealed carry for a reason. I could open carry here in Pennsylvania, but I choose not to. Just like me, you can choose to voice your First Amendment right to free speech however you'd like.
Sound Off Gun Carriers! Do you put any pro-gun stickers on your car? Do you think I'm a flaming idiot for not? Let me know in the comments below. I'm a Marine and I've got a thick skin so lay it on me.

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Do You Put Gun Decals On Your Car?


    I agree my wife and I both CC and do not put stickers on our autos. We do however advertise with a couple of 2nd Am T’s

  2. Vincenza says:

    No, I do not use stickers on my car. Primarily for the same thoughts as you have. We can open carry in our state but we choose not to. We choose not to advertise that we are gun owners. It ruins the element of surprise when it is needed. You’ll get no arguments from me on this one! 🙂

  3. I totally agree with you. I have no stickers on my truck, because no matter WHICH side or purpose or organization or product you endorse, it’s going to p**s someone off. The only thing I do have on my truck is my ham callsign……if THAT gets your goat, I just don’t know what to say.

  4. JR says:

    No. I don’t feel the need advertise. Most stickers go on my ammo boxes or the kitchen junk drawer. I feel the same about yard signs, “I don’t call 911.”
    It is nobody’s business what I may have in my car or home and drawing unwarranted attention to either. I live in a gun friendly state and am surrounded by gun friendly states, with the exception of Illinois but it’s Illinois that I find myself traveling through 90% of the time to hunt or shoot in Iowa. Federal law allows me to transport unloaded, properly secured, firearms across state lines but I have no desire to have attention drawn to my vehicle while traveling through the Land of Lincoln. Truthfully I wouldn’t even stop for food or gas if it wasn’t a necessity.
    I have never been stopped by a law enforcement officer who wasn’t respectful and professional but there is always the first time.
    PS; you really need to do some web site management I must have been redirected to some crap about solar panels 14 times while trying to post this.

  5. Douglas says:

    Morning Marine. Here’s the deal. I put stickers on my truck to promote the N.R.A. Ruger .plus places i visited . On my Mary’s car she said no stickers of any thing… We do live in a gated community with Marines as neighbors. My wife drives I’m as you I am armed .PS I also carry a couple of dollars in my shirt pocket to deactivate , de-escalate any aggressive ” panhandlers . I would agree with any stranger who made a negative comment about my stickers. I avoid any conflicts. I might add . I would not remove my gun from its holster unless it was a absolute death encounter..with all exits choices dangerous

  6. Donald Heater says:

    I completely understand why you don’t put the stickers on your car. I wouldn’t do it either.

  7. Gary from Texas says:

    Since I live in and am surrounded by Gun friendly states I do use 2nd amendment stickers and do not worry about any of the above. But in your shoes, I might do the same thing as you.

  8. John Navin says:

    I do not but any stickers on my truck also here in WA state, we do not have gun racks in our windows either,it tells thieves there might be a gun in there

  9. STFU says:

    I don’t use gun or political stickers on any of my vehicles for the reason you talk about as well as not wanting some pinhead to scratch my car because they don’t agree with my political views.
    If I am going to advertise by wearing a company logo it will be because they are sponsoring me.
    As far as concealed carry goes, if you are doing it right, no one should know you are carrying

  10. I appreciate your candor and can make an argument for both schools of thought as I’ve considered each of the pros and cons that you mentioned and then some….BUT, I think some of the stickers are really cool and compliment my baby battle buggy (2015 Jeep Patriot….”patriot” get it…”patriot”). I am very selective about which stickers adorn my mini war wagon and currently have it limited to a “III%’er – Molon Labe” center decal on the back window then a “Molon Labe” (written in Greek) on either side rear window. I do this for several reasons: 1) Hopefully fellow gun owners/lovers will recognize my decals and know I am someone who would have their back., 2) Hopefully same would stop and lend a hand if I have any mechanical or liberal asshole issues., 3) By limiting my postings to “encrypted” organization and/or “2A” stance sayings & symbols I feel I limit my exposure to theft or vandalism due to my views and/or possible cargo and last but definitely not least, 4) I AM AN AMERICAN DAMN IT AND I WILL BE DAMNED IF I ALLOW THE FRAGILE OPINIONS OF SOME LEFT-WING LIBERAL PANTY WASTE OR THE FEAR OF SOME BACK STREET THUG DICTATE WHAT I DO OR DON’T CHOOSE TO DISPLAY ON MY OWN PERSONAL AND PRIVATE PROPERTY. God Bless America. That is all. Salute!

  11. KUETSA says:

    After the LaVoy Finnicum shooting police were ordered to look out for “RADICAL RIGHT WING DOMESTIC TERRORIST PATRIOT CONSTITUTIONALISTS” in the area of the funeral.
    One of the “IDENTIFIERS” was a Gadsden Flag on the rear of the vehicle.
    I thought of removing it, but I didn’t.
    Here in NY the second amendment has been effectively repealed upon the passing of the NY SAFE Act.
    Complicit courts have twice upheld the second amendment being a government “allowance” to a limited low capacity sporting arm and nothing more. The second amendment is no longer a right to effective arms that enable the CAPABILITY of keeping secure our American Freedoms!
    The NY SAFE Act has a 4% compliance rate.
    It’s an armed standoff – so to speak.
    It’s a fight worth fighting.
    we can’t be silenced!

  12. Andy says:

    I agree, for some of the reasons you, and others, have mentioned. The element of surprise is always a good thing.

  13. Louise Reichwein says:

    I have stickers on my van but after reading all this I am going to remove the stickers for the very reasons listed here. I CC and am in a wheelchair and a wheelchair van. Don’t need to let you know i have a gun. THank you all for your help and thank you to all the police officers and military people in here. THank you for putting your lives on the line so I have to rights I have. God bless you all and God Bless AMERICA!!!
    P.S. I am a retired Navy mans wife:-)

  14. Decalyesguy says:

    I have a Noveske sticker and a Larue sticker on my rear window.
    I live in the country outside of Portland Oregon on 13 acres. I certainly don’t have to worry about anybody following me home I’m the last house on the dead-end gated with 15 neighbors on the street that watch every car like a hawk . I have my own parking spot at work directly outside the window where we’ve never had a theft in 16 years. It would be impossible.
    The only argument I can’t fight is if I park at the grocery store and somebody breaks into my car. Thankfully the only places I stop are very nice areas with low levels of crime. Call the main reason I keep decals on my car is the piss off all of the liberals in Portland. I think it’s worth the trade-off. I love it when a Prius gets behind me and I can just see their face cringe. 🙂

  15. AM says:

    I live in California. But I was raised in Alabama. Mostly every one here is totally against guns. Like you cant even mention it to most people. I have one in my home but dont carry it or anything, ive never felt the need to. Recently I was attacked in my car by someone who thought i cut him off but i didnt which was funny. But he got so mad about it at a stop he came up and was hitting my car and my windows and yelling. I am just a young girl… he probably wouldnt have done it if i was some big dude. So I thought maybe getting a sticker for my car even though i didnt keep one in my car would discourage any such happenings in the future. But most of these comments say its not a good idea to put a sticker. I guess Im just writing this cause now Im not sure whats the best thing.

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