Product Review: The I MOD Weapons Cleaning System by Otis Technology

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Shooters of all types can agree: It is important to have a weapons cleaning system designed with the best tools and accessories as well as compactness and versatility in mind.

Weapons cleaning systems are frequently purchased with not much thought or research put into the type of cleaning system that is truly needed.  The tools included in the weapons cleaning kit will often have to be replaced or some of the accessories will have to be swapped out for other, more reliable pieces.  However, the dilemma of dissatisfaction over weapons cleaning kits and systems is over now that Otis Technology offers the highest quality standards for weapons cleaning systems designed specifically for hunters, sport shooters, and military personnel.

The I-Mod Weapons Cleaning System

One of the newest products available specifically for military personnel but also made convenient for hunters and sport shooters is the Individual Modular (I-MOD) Weapons Cleaning System.  This weapons cleaning kit designed by Otis Technology cleans and maintains all 5.56 mm weapons, and is made for individual use.

Unlike many other weapons cleaning kits and systems, the I-MOD can be securely attached to a backpack, vest, or even a plate carrier via MOLLE webbing either horizontally or vertically for easy access to the tools and accessories inside.

What's In the Kit

Included in the Individual Modular Weapons Cleaning System is:

  • a 5.56 mm bronze bore brush to prevent copper deposits and corrosion
  • 5.56 mm chamber rods for thorough cleaning of the chamber
  • 30” cleaning cable for efficient removal of fouling
  • Ripcord designed and produced by Otis Technology and featured by SHOT-Show 2014
  • Gerber MP600 multi-tool great for reaching the hard to reach areas within the rifle during a thorough cleaning

One of the best features on the Individual Modular Weapons Cleaning System, or the I-MOD, is the case itself.  Both sides include MOLLE webbing allowing for a variety of places the weapons cleaning system can be stored. The outside of the case includes two durable button pockets which are great for storing additional cleaning cloths or other accessories needed for weapons cleaning.  The case has two zippers and folds open to so that it may either lay flat on the ground or from wherever it is securely attached.

Personally, I think the I-MOD Cleaning System outdoes most other weapons cleaning systems by its compactness and versatility alone.

Most weapons cleaning systems are designed so that the weapon, tools, and accessories can be laid out on display to be cleaned; however, the I-MOD Cleaning System allows the weapon to be easily cleaned without ever having to completely remove all of the tools and accessories.  This factor also allows for easier cleaning of rifle magazines if necessary.

All products made by Otis Technology are manufactured in the United States in Phoenix and Lyon Falls, New York.  Visit Otis Technology on their Twitter and Facebook page or at their website at, and check out the video below to see the I-MOD weapons cleaning system up close.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on January 23, 2015, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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Product Review: The I MOD Weapons Cleaning System by Otis Technology

  1. Robert in Texas says:

    No doubt an NCO. Nice job tightening this guy up. Half-ass reviews get on my last nerve. If you’re gonna write about something, get the thing out and use it, and if it’s the first time you’ve used something like this, you shouldn’t be writing a review in the first place since you have no frame of reference. If the best thing about a weapons cleaning kit is the bag, I reckon I’m going to keep moving. Everyone out there throws the word “modular” in their item description and it’s somehow supposed to validate the value.
    Thanks giving the down n dirty on the product and for bringing some reality to that Charlie Foxtrot of a review.

    1. TrpodXL says:

      @Robert; Roger that. Yeah..E-8, older than shit. Crusty, mean, fair, bastard…..and don’t care…except for excellence. Be Well.

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