Idiotic Anti Gun Headline Of The Week: Thanks, NRA Edition:

Idiotic Anti Gun Headline Of The Week: Thanks, NRA Edition:

Oh, you didn't hear? You didn't know? All terror attacks are the NRA's fault. Seriously, Let's forget for a second that radical Islamic terrorism exists. Let's forget for just a split second that they like to use bombs and other improvised weapons to kill innocent people, in addition to guns. People who, by all accounts, just want to live their lives. Let's forget that…
…and blame the National Rifle Association. It's all their fault you know. From all the big wigs, like Chris Cox, right on down to one of the lowly 5 million members like you and I. It's our fault. It's our fault that we like our freedoms to stay intact with the ability to defend ourselves against the crazies (like terrorists).

Okay, that's enough. I can't do this anymore.
As usual, the media has got it wrong. The NRA is not at fault. Radical terrorism is to blame. Sick ideology is to blame. One group's quest to dominate the entire world is to blame…Not the NRA, or you, or me. How do I know?
Well, we don't blame the car for the DUI—we blame the drunk driver. We don't blame the computer of the man who dabbles in child sex crimes. We blame the sicko, himself.

And, as my good friend Justin McShane, lead program attorney for US Law Shield of Pennsylvania, pointed out:
“It seems that the root cause problem is being described as “self-radicalization” meaning that they watch some stuff on the internet from ISIS or HIG or one of those groups and then they become operational.
So….. let's just ban the internet!
The internet is responsible for this entire thing. Without the internet, there could be no self-radicalization.
You say that would be too much because (1) 99% of the people use the internet for peaceful, lawful and non-violent reasons, and (2) it's against the First Amendment.
Well, guess what?

You just made my argument against further “gun control” because (1) 99% of the people use firearms for peaceful, lawful and non-violent reasons, and (2) it's against the Second Amendment.
If you would not ban or restrict the internet, then you are a hypocrite if you want to ban or restrict any further guns. You can't pick your constitutional rights.”
Thank you for that, Attorney McShane. I think we can all agree on one simple thing: Banning the internet would be totally asinine. You know, free speech and all that. Then again, banning guns or repealing the Second Amendment would be asinine, as well for the same reasons. Either way you slice it, it's in the Constitution.

By the way, if you're in Pennsylvania and are ever in need of a good lawyer, there are few people I'd trust as much as this guy. And, even better, he's a practicing firearms attorney who's well versed in all things gun.
Sound Off Gun Carriers! Who is to blame for terror attacks? Is it the NRA? Is it my fault? Yours? Extremist ideology? Let us know in the comments below and make sure you sign up for Gun Carrier's FREE Newsletter.

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Idiotic Anti Gun Headline Of The Week: Thanks, NRA Edition:

  1. Diane says:

    I hate it when legislatures have knee-jerk reactions when something like Orlando happens. With the idiotic governor on the left coast, there are now thousands of Californians breaking the law if the have a Ruger 10-22! What an Alpha Hotel!

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