Stupid People with Guns: I Just F****** Shot Myself Edition

Warning: If your children are sitting with you and you don’t want them to hear foul language, or see stupidity in action, send them away.

We are all about firearms education over here at Gun Carrier, which is why we started this series called Stupid People with Guns. The main point, is to prove that gun owners can never be complacent with their gun usage. Today we’ll be talking about how NOT to draw your firearm from its holster.

Stupid People with Guns: I Just F****** Shot Myself Edition

There is currently a movement taking place within certain parts of the gun community (I’ve actually listened to a firearms instructor telling someone to do this) that says you have a quicker reaction time if you practice placing your finger on the trigger the second your pistol comes out from its holster. That way, there is one less movement to do once the bad guy is actually right in front of you.
While this may be true, especially in shorter distance defensive situations, I don’t personally advise it for reasons like what you’re about to see in the next video.
During the slow-mo section of the video, you can actually see him placing his finger on the trigger, just after he pulls the weapon. Let this be a lesson folks, no matter how you train, make sure you know what you’re doing before you actually start using live ammunition. Furthermore, you should never put your finger on the trigger until your sights are on the target and you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that whatever is on the receiving end needs to die. Period.
Turns out that this guy, Tex, is a pretty stand up guy. He said that he posted the video to show people what not to do while practicing, and was hoping to save a life. Either way, it was a dumb move, but we can all stand to learn from his mistakes. Here’s the video:

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Stupid People with Guns: I Just F****** Shot Myself Edition

  1. Milton W. Lowe says:


  2. Robert Chaffins says:

    I use this video in my gun safety class after we have studied the rules to show why we use the rules and what happens when people think they are experts and get complacent.

  3. Eugene Rhyne says:

    Everybody needs to see this firearms are for real and they are not a play toy. Reminds me of Barney Fife, that why he kept his bullet in his pocket

  4. bob onit says:


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