I'm So Pissed About This Cop Shooting Himself, I Don't Even Know Where To Start

idiots with guns

There is so much wrong in this next video, I don't even know where to start with it. As usual, there is a lesson to be learned from someone else, and the stupidity flowing throughout their entire body. All I've got to say, is Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot…Over?

Okay, first and foremost, let's start with the blatantly obvious. Don't violate any of the four safety rules. Ever. Never put any part of your body on the trigger of something that is designed to put holes in people. Otherwise, you may just put a hole in yourself. Period. This is one of the four rules for gun safety because it is that important. Being that this man is a police officer, he should know that.
Second, and really no less important—never hand a gun to someone without checking to see if it is loaded, first. You should always check as a common courtesy to the person you're dealing with. It gives them the ultimate peace of mind that the weapon won't put a hole in anyone. In fact, don't just pull the slide back for your own greedy eyes to check the status of the weapon, you should let them see it, too.
Pull the slide back, and lock it back—and then check the status of the weapon. After that, by all means, hand them the gun. I always hand a gun to someone with the slide (or bolt) in the open position. Why would you ever assume that the gun is not loaded!?
Which, brings me to my next point…
Why is the gun shop storing guns for sale with live ammunition inside of them? They realize that they are trying to sell guns to real, live people, don't they? Ya know, people who may shoot themselves in the hand if they don't realize that there is a round in the chamber? I'll repeat myself, Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot?
As a side note, one time I was browsing the inventory at my favorite gun shop, and I saw a Ruger with a chamber status indicator in the “up” position. Generally speaking, these mean that the gun is loaded. Alarmed, I pointed it out to the clerk, who then thanked me, pulled it out of the case, pointed it in a safe direction, and pulled the slide back. Turns out that there was something else in there, not a live round.
I'm sorry if I sound angry, because I'm really not. I'm friggen FURIOUS. When stuff like this happens, we all suffer. Think about it, folks. Most of the time when I put up these stupid people with guns posts, the people aren't professionals. Most of the time, they're amateurs who just didn't know any better. Both of these idiots are supposed to be pros! One is a cop, and the other works the counter at a gun store.
Professionals. They are supposed to know better. 

idiots with guns

Banana Man To The Rescue!

Let this be a lesson folks, treat every gun as if it were loaded. Never point your gun at your hand, or anything else you do not intend to destroy. Keep your finger off the trigger until you intend to fire. Never hand a loaded weapon to someone. Always check the weapon first, and then show the other person that it is clear.
And, finally, never assume that someone knows what the hell they're doing just because they wear a uniform or work the counter at the local gun shop. Because, there is a small chance that the guy/gal is totally clueless.
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10 Responses to :
I'm So Pissed About This Cop Shooting Himself, I Don't Even Know Where To Start

  1. tarnishedcopper says:

    He pointed the muzzle at the poor innocent guy standing to his left at least twice. Gee!! It looked as though he either did or attempted to open the slide at one point. I agree Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!
    (from an old retired cop)

  2. Lawrence Mayotte says:

    I understand all the rules of safety…But my question is… why was the gun loaded in the display case in the first place?

    1. MidSouthMitch says:

      ^^^^^ THIS !!! ^^^^ The clerk handed him the loaded gun! Didn’t check it. Before that, someone put a LOADED handgun in a display case! This has S-T-U-P-I-D chiseled into it all over!!! There’s a Darwinian aspect to all of this for sure.

  3. Chuck Pewsey says:

    Back around 40 years ago, my buddy and I used to hang around a gun shop in Maryland. The owner was always ready to chat and one day he told us the following story. One night, there was some police action in the area. After things calmed down, a police officer came into the store and asked him to decock his pistol!

  4. Lee says:

    Maybe I’m blind but I didn’t see a muzzle flash or smoke, looked more like slide bite. But that’s my poor eyes.

    1. JungleCogs says:

      Don’t look at the LEO; look at the others. A slide-bite would not have caused their reactions. Further, the LEOs movements and body language looked like his hand was “dripping”.

  5. Boyd Herrst says:

    That’s one shop I wouldn’t want to visit.. too much chance not coming out on my feet .

  6. JungleCogs says:

    Everybody got lazy (careless) in this one. One must presume it was a pre-owned firearm because a new firearm should never have been around live ammo (though, there is a highly remote possibility the factory tester left it). If a trade, the two guys doing the trade each didn’t check it. When placed in the display case, the retail guy who put it in there didn’t check it. The counter guy didn’t check it prior to handing it to the LEO. The LEO didn’t check it (bang). Though it is possible that a previous shopper slipped a round in as a sick joke, no matter, a counter guy didn’t check it when it was returned to his hand and placed back in the display case. A lot of errors made here by many; and, a lot of opportunities to have prevented the outcome. All the speculation aside, the last counter guy was the primary fault, the LEO the final (he had the last opportunity to have prevented the bang.

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