5 Important Archery Hunting Tips To Make You A Better Deer Hunter

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December 22, 2023 / Comments Off on 5 Important Archery Hunting Tips To Make You A Better Deer Hunter

Archery Hunting Tips

As a deer hunter, I've been taking down whitetail season after season. And with the experience I've had all throughout my career, I have noticed some key points that some bow hunters may miss out on. Consequently, I've listed down the top five archery hunting tips that should make you a better deer hunter.

5 Important Archery Hunting Tips To Make You A Better Deer Hunter

Bow hunting may be a little bit different from rifle hunting. With bows and arrows, you'll need to be closer to deer, as opposed to the 300-yard distance between you and the game when using rifles. And so, I've listed five archery hunting tips that could improve your harvest this coming season.

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Tip #1: Mask your scent

There's no better way to mask human scent than to shower yourself with leaves and debris lying around. In addition, you'll need to use certain scent killers to remove what remains of your human scent. It's worth remembering that deer have keen sense of smell and are more reliant on their nose than their eyes. Thus, deer can smell you even if they can't see you!

Tip #2: Do extensive scouting

Before the hunting season, I try to scout the area 4–5 times, depending on the weather. This allows me to learn deer activity patterns, plus it's a great workout. Furthermore, scouting allows you to be very familiar with the area, lessening the chances of you getting lost.

Tip #3: Don't go too high up

When hunting from a tree stand, don't go too high up. 20 feet is too high, and it only adds to the distance between you and the deer. In addition, it's not safe, and you might break something if you fall from that height without proper safety equipment.

Tip #4: More entries equals more chances of winning

This might sound like a catchphrase from an evening raffle draw ad, but this is also true for hunting. The more you hunt, the more chances there are to bag a big buck. However, you have to make sure that you're only hunting when you've got enough tags. Once you run out, you're going to have to wait for the next season.

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Tip #5: Practice, practice, practice

Some archers tend to lie low during off-seasons. I do the opposite and practice, even when there's no deer to hunt. This helps me stay in shape and makes sure that I have the chops when hunting season opens.

Check out Deer Hunting's video to make you a better Whitetail bow hunter:

It is important to improve where you fall short in terms of skill, and to know your strengths as well. Some hunters may have different techniques that help them improve, but this is what works for me. If you have some tips to add to this post, be sure to write them up in the comments!

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