[Watch This] Improve Your Bow Hunting Accuracy Like Robin Hood

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Being able to shoot a bow and arrow accurately is definitely the most critical aspect in bow hunting. You can be the stealthiest hunter or you can be able to call out on the animals but all goes to waste if you can't hit a killing blow on your game. If you have issues with your accuracy, keep reading to learn how to improve your bow hunting accuracy and ready to hunt like Robin Hood!

[Watch This] Improve Your Bow Hunting Accuracy Like Robin Hood

Aim Small Hit Small Archery Tutorial

There's no easy way to acquire skills is through practice. However, it is also important to learn what to practice beforehand to avoid developing bad habits. In addition, knowing what to practice will make you progress even faster and that's why Brian Stephens shares with us his experiences through this tutorial video.


When trying to aim for the chest area of the deer, you have to consider the angle that the game is standing in order to properly assess the trajectory of the arrow. It is very important to have the target area clearly pictured out in your head, so as to avoid a nasty and inhumane kill. Even though you are hunting the animal for food, you should also be careful not to let the animal die a slow, agonizing death and with practice, you should be able to instantly kill a game in a single shot.


When the target is not on broadside or if you're standing on an elevated area, the aim small hit small reference point represented by the orange sticker on the deer, is gonna have to be adjusted so as to hit the deer's vital organs. Consequently, when the arrow pierces the deer's hide, it's gonna hit the vital organs and it will still be the killing shot.

In this image, we can see the vital organs of the deer as it stands facing different directions, and so the point of impact should be adjusted to hit those parts whether the deer is standing broadside, quartering away, or if it's facing directly at you.

As they say, practice makes perfect and so you should always practice with your bow and arrow before trying to test out your skills in the field. It takes time, patience, and effort to become a master class hunter so don't worry if you're not hitting the mark just yet. In time, you should be able to hit the mark in 80-90 yards all the time.

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