Protect Your Eyes With These 10 Incredible Shooting Glasses

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October 31, 2019 / Comments Off on Protect Your Eyes With These 10 Incredible Shooting Glasses

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Eye protection is just as important as all other safety precautions when it comes to shooting. Your eyes are delicate and require more protection than you'd think. A shrapnel can ricochet off a wall and send dangerous particles to your eyes that could severely injure you. As such, you should wear eye protection like these 10 shooting glasses for a safer shooting excursion.

Protect Your Eyes With These 10 Incredible Shooting Glasses

Shooting glasses aren't ordinary eye wear as they need to pass the ANSI Z87 standards. Some even prefer the higher military grade standard of MIL-PRF-31013 for small objects travelling at much higher velocities. But with all the shooting glasses up on the market, it's a pain having to shop for the best one. So, we've made a list of the best eye protection from cheap to high end products. Without further ado, here are 10 incredible shooting glasses that serves only the best protection for your eyes.

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Howard Leight Vapor II – $8.97

For starters, the Vapor II is an excellent choice. Starting out at $8.97 on Amazon, it meets the industrial standard of ANSI Z87. Furthermore, it has great features like anti-fog lenses, wrap around fit, and a non-slip nose bridge. It's comfortable to wear all day long and it wouldn't cost you much. Howard Leight's Vapor II is not such a bad pick if you're short on budget.

Remington T 70 -$18.74

Remington has their own take on eye protection and it's just as good as their rifles. The Remington T 70 offers a polycarbonate lens that fits snug around the wearer's face. In addition, the frame has rubber pads to prevent slipping and to provide comfort. Furthermore, the anti-glare lens protect your eyes from sunlight while you shoot outdoors. All that at just $18.74 making it an easy fit for this list.

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Allen Ruger Shooting Glasses – $31.99

The Allen Ruger Shooting Glasses kit offers three different lenses for varying light availability. All lenses are scratch- and fog-resistant passing both industrial and military grade standards. Plus, the kit includes a nose piece that fits on all three interchangeable lenses. In under $40, I'd say the Ruger Shooting Glasses kit is well worth your money.

Howard Leight 1000 -$16.37

Almost all safety glasses lenses are polycarbonate and the same goes for the Howard Leight 1000 series. The frame has rubber tips for extra grip and the overall design fits perfectly around your face. For novice shooters, this 1000 series is a perfect starting point.

Smith Optics Director – $80-$125

Starting out at $80, the Smith Optics Director is offered in five different lenses all perfect for shooting protection. The lenses conform with the ANSI Z87 and MIL-PRF-31013 standards to protect your eyes from potential injury. Furthermore, you'll be sure to have protection against UV rays as well. I'd say this goes well into the mid-range and is a safe choice for those looking for shooting glasses.

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Smith Optics Aegis Arc – $80-$95

If you're a hardcore shooter, you might consider getting a high impact resistant shooting glasses like the Aegis Arc. Its light, minimalist design allows for less distraction while concentrating on the shot. The grey tint lens makes for a perfect eye wear when shooting indoors.

ESS Profile NVG – $80.40

For protection against shrapnel travelling at no less than 400 fps, you'll need a heavy duty shooting glasses like the ESS Profile NVG. It might look like an overkill but you can't be too careful. Although this shooting glasses may look like it came out of Call of Duty, it's saved real life military men in real life. At a little over 80 bucks, the Profile NVG is a solid pick for seasoned shooters.

Revision Sawfly – $89.99-$169.99

The Revision Sawfly kit is what you'll need for all your shooting endeavors. High impact resistance lenses will stop fast-moving shrapnel at its tracks. The Revision Sawfly Deluxe is, by far, one of the best shooting glasses in the market today. The Sawfly has been so popular that it's currently out of stock as of this writing.

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Oakley Flak Jacket – $170-$200

When it comes to eyewear, Oakley is an undisputed giant on that field. Their Flak Jacket boasts a firm grip despite perspiration and high-impact resistant lenses. Although it's on the pricier end of the shooting glasses spectrum, it's a definite yes to getting a pair of these spectacles. The product is offered in varying frames but are sure to serve the same purpose nonetheless.

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Oakley Radarlock – $190-$300

The Radarlock exceeds the standards set by the ANSI for industrial use, and it claims to have technologies that allows for clearer view. The 300-dollar price stings quite a bit, but it's an excellent eye protection for shooters. Plus, patented High Definition Optics technologies make the view clearer than the naked eye view. If you have the money to spare, I'd say going for the Radarlock is not bad at all.

This video from OpticsPlanet will shed some light on how to choose the best shooting glasses:

Considering everything, my personal preference would be the Elite Director. It basically stands center between quality and practicality. Plus, a top-performing eye gear used by military personnel would require no further assurance. If your favorite shooting glasses isn't on this list, share it through the comments and tell us why we should include it!

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