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With the industrial age at its peak, one must consider how to survive industrial disasters. You’ll never know when one might occur. Especially if you live in an area riddled with industrial companies or probably work in one.

How to Survive Industrial Disasters: Threat To Humanity

History has shown various industrial disasters in the defense industry, energy industry, food industry, manufacturing, mining, and other industries. These catastrophes can occur by accident, incompetence, or negligence.

Whatever the case may be, it can result in vast damage socially and economically, cause injuries and worse, the loss of life. Well, here are a few tips which might help you live to tell the tale should such a disaster occur in your lifetime.

1. Always Be Prepared

This may come as a cliché to you, but even survival experts agree preparation is the key to possibly surviving any disaster.

Industrial Disasters Survival Tips

Always assume the worst case scenario and anticipate the next steps you need to take.

2. Identify The Possible Hazards You Will Be Facing

Coordinate with your local fire department and local emergency response unit on your area's disaster history. Identify the risks and probable scenarios including recently put up industrial companies within a 5-mile radius in your area.

3. Start Building Your Disaster Emergency Kit

Start making or buying a 72-hour survival kit to be readily accessible at home or your office. A bug-out bag and an emergency vehicle kit should be a constant in your car.

Industrial Disasters Survival Tips

Update your stocks twice a year or, depending on the expiry dates of the food and medical items in the kit. Don’t forget your respirator masks or N95 masks with chemical filters.

4. Coordinate With Family And Friends

It is highly recommended you have your family and, if possible, friends to cut into the action.

Industrial Disasters Survival Tips

Even the strictest and most disciplined disaster units don’t do things on their own.

5. Sheltering-In-Place

Stock up on food supplies, water, and probably have more than enough rolls of duct tape and plastic sheeting. The last two items will definitely come in handy if local authorities call you to shelter-in-place at home or at the office.

This will be used to seal gaps around windows, doors and other air ventilation of the far end room in a shelter to prevent chemical or radioactive particles from creeping in.

6. Designate A Meeting Location

Within the early stages of an industrial disaster, it is best to meet at an agreed location before bugging out.

Industrial Disasters Survival Tips

This way you could check on who needs help in case they fail to turn up. This is also useful in case cellphone towers and other forms of communication are down.

7. Find Or Secure A Bug Out Location

Finding and securing an area outside your state can come in handy should the need to evacuate arise. You can also have an emergency contact just outside your area in case you’re unable to go home.

Don’t forget to plan out the main exit and alternative route in case the first gets clogged up with fleeing residents.

8. Increase Your Situational Awareness And Keep Yourself Updated

Other than the possible industrial threats, there will most likely be other dangers you should worry about.

Industrial Disasters Survival Tips

Looting and other criminal activity will increase as they take advantage of the chaos and know local authorities have their hands full. With a NOAA radio, you will be updated on the rescue and status of the disaster in your area.

Watch this documentary on the Bhopal disaster in India, posted by Wins Naron:

Most of these industrial disasters can be prevented by identifying the possible hazards a company can cause to the community and its environment.

With due diligence of its employees and local authorities to put these companies in check, they can mitigate disaster risks. Some may even call it the apocalypse! But as every survival enthusiast might say to himself, it pays to always be prepared rather than regret it afterward.

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