Breaking Down NSSF's Gun Sales Up; Gun Crimes Plummet InfoGraph

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The National Shooting Sports Foundation released another infographic showing how far crimes with guns have dropped since the early 1990s. To be sure, crimes where guns were used have dropped considerably, even though the mainstream media will always claim otherwise. The proof is in the pudding folks. Again, credit for this infographic goes to the NSSF. I'm going to break it down into various pieces to talk about, then I'll post the entire thing at the bottom.
From 1991 to 2014, the number of people killed by a person with a gun has dropped considerably. As you can see the rate has dropped by 43% which is huge.

gun violence is down

Homicides where guns were used is down

So, this is interesting. Even though there are more guns in the world than there has ever been before, the amount of guns used in “other crimes” like theft, etc., is down 70%. That's incredible and worthy of making your liberal friends have an aneurysm.
crimes with guns

General crimes where the criminal uses a gun

This next one will surely make liberal hearts pop all over the internet. Even though the last two graphs showed us that violent crimes where a gun was used is down, gun ownership is up. In fact, it's way up from 1993. It's difficult to explain away those pesky little facts, ain't it?
more guns than ever

The amount of guns

Finally, an infograph about gun-related crimes wouldn't be complete without accidental deaths in it. Which, by the way, is also way down, as you can see.
firearms related accidents

Firearms related accidents

A poll was taken that states 41% of Americans claim to have at least one firearm in their home. Of course, guns are like potato chips and you can't just have one!
gun ownership

The final slide I wanted to show you

Here is the infographic in its entirety, which has a few extra bits in it that we didn't talk about above.
Sound Off Gun Carriers! Will you share this with your friends to show them the facts of gun ownership? Please feel free to share it, and comment in the bottom that you did. We can't have the facts left out of our conversations so make sure you're armed with knowledge next time your intelligence is assaulted!

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