Everyone Should Learn These 25 Ingenious Camping Tips And Hacks NOW

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November 6, 2019 / Comments Off on Everyone Should Learn These 25 Ingenious Camping Tips And Hacks NOW


I always enjoyed my time outdoors, whether it's hiking or hunting, or other activity that's packed with adventure. My dad and I used to go on a lot of camping trips way back when and I always had this knack for camping trips since then. As I grew older, I realized that there are things that you can do to make your camping experience memorable and as less stressful as possible. The simplest things like knowing which tent to bring can do wonders for your camping trip. The camping tips below will help you manage your trip, making it easier and more fun. You may have your fair share of fails and several attempts too because the outdoors are never a bore.

Camping Tips and Hacks I Learned From My Dad

My dad taught me some few camping tips and hacks that made our lives easier back then, and to this day, I apply what I learned in my hunting excursions and camping trips with my family. Now, I know there are a lot of modern equipment and gear that already make our camping trips a lot easier, but they can never make it easier compared to these hacks. For example, what happens when I forget my matches? What happens when I forget to bring anti-itch creams?? I used to think of other ways to create fire, or how to keep away pesky mosquitoes. These camping tips, as primitive as they may be, still work and I am glad I learned them from my father.

So what are these tips, you might ask?

Camping Tip #1: Burn sage to keep mosquitoes away.

You don't want to have the company of mosquitoes in your camping trip. The best way to keep them away is by burning sages in your campsite, because it is a natural mosquito repellent. Avoid pesky bites and annoying buzzes but more so, avoid them so that you can't have possible diseases.

Camping Tip #2: Learn to distinguish poisonous plants.

Learn to tell which plants are poisonous in order to avoid getting in contact with them. One common example of poisonous plants often encountered when camping is the poison ivy. Poison ivy can cause bad itching, irritation, and sometimes even painful rashes.

Camping Tip #3: Use Doritos to kindle fire. Yes, your Doritos.

A bag of Doritos can really keep your fire going and strong because this snack pack is flammable. Read the label at the back because it might just reveal its secret to you. It's such a waste to just use Doritos for fire, and I'm not advocating the burning of plastic, but when SHTF, this might come in handy.

Camping Tip #4: Or if you don't want to sacrifice your snack, use cotton pads dipped in wax.

A more practical approach to camping tip #4 is cotton dipped in wax. Much like a candle wick, they're quick to start a fire and keep it going .

Camping Tip #5: Have your paper egg tray as the ultimate fire starter.

That, and match light charcoal. What you do is fill the paper egg tray with the match light charcoal and light the whole thing up! The Doritos and the cotton pads can serve you well, but this is for when you need a faster and bigger fire for a bigger bunch of people when camping.

Camping Tip #6: Use a vegetable peeler for hygienic purposes.

You don't peel dirt, that's not how it works. When camping, your hygienic routine may not be like it was at home, with all the items you conveniently use. Your bar of soap can be maximized by a vegetable peeler. How? Peel a portion of your soap when you need it. This will prevent you from losing the entire bar but still having enough to yourself.

Camping Tip #7: Hide your money in a soap bar.

It's one of those old boy scout tricks that just doesn't fail. It's one of the most unsuspecting areas to stash a valuable. Who would ever find the time robbing a place and examine every bit of item, including soap? That's why it works. Your soap bar isn't just for washing alone, then.

Camping Tip #8: Always have aluminum foil handy.

As food preparation is an inseparable part of every camping trip, aluminum oil should be found in every camper's pack. Wrap your meat and other food items and place them over a fire. It will come out nice, soft, and juicy. It will also help you create and maintain portions of food for cooking, eating, and storing.

Camping Tip #9: Try roasting Starbursts.

I love roasting marshmallows on an open fire, and back then, we used sticks! Now my nephews and nieces discovered something else: starbursts. Have you ever thought of roasting Starbusts over the campfire? It's as goooooood as it could get, really. Flavors playing in your mouth is something marshmallows can do, but Starbursts is on a different level.

Camping Tip #10: Roast hotdogs on a… rake.

If you ever need to grill those tasty hotdogs all at once, a rake can do that for you. Utilize the several stands on the rake and save time in cooking. Just make sure somebody's holding the rake well and looking into what you are grilling in there.

Camping Tip #11: Have aromatic herbs with you.

Forego bottled marinades because it's just added baggage. Instead, use aromatic herbs. Have aromatic herbs such as rosemary burned directly into the fire to easily smoke your steaks or other dishes in flavor. Go natural while camping, and have fun while you're at it too.

Camping Tip #12: Use your watch as a compass.

If you ever get lost in the woods – I'm not wishing you to be, but just in case – you can use your watch as a compass. In the northern hemisphere, align the hour hand with the sun. The point halfway between the hour hand and the 12 in your watch will be the north. In the southern hemisphere, align the 12 with the sun.

Camping Tip #13: Use foam tiles for comfort.

It's only natural to feel some form of discomfort while camping because basically, the outdoors doesn't have the same convenience as your house and your room. However, if you want comfort while sleeping in a camp, place foam tiles under your sleeping bag for softer bedding. It may come as an added item to pack, but I don't think there's any another form of compromise for both comfort and outdoors.

Camping Tip #14: Save space with Tictac boxes.

You can save space by using Tictac boxes to store your spices in camping. Not only will you recycle your garbage, it comes handy when you have a thing for organizing them too. The boxes are small so it's better to have them together because they are all spices anyway.

Camping Tip #15: Use straws for storage.

Create single-use packets for things such as toothpaste, ointments, and shampoo by using straws. Cut a plastic straw to the size that you want and then fill them with what you need. Seal its ends with a lighter. This time, straws just aren't for drinking, it is now also for smart packing on a camp.

Camping Tip #16: Have a belt to help in the kitchen.

If you are looking for a place to put your kitchen tools in camping, a belt can help you with that. Simply wrap an old belt around a tree trunk and attach hooks on it so you can hang your kitchen tools and utensils. That way it's easier to cook in the camp, no more hunting over all your other items.

Camping Tip #17: Bring a mug to boost your music.

If you are a music lover and you love to camp as well, be sure to bring the party with you. Bring a ceramic mug with you and put your phone inside it to naturally amplify the music. Don't bother bringing your large speakers that will just be added baggage to your trip. Of course, just make sure you're not bothering any other campers too.

Camping Tip #18: Filter water with a cloth.

Clean water is a must in all of your travels. In camping, it's all the more important because water may not be accessible in the area you wish to go to. If you have some dirty water, put one end of the piece of cloth in it and stick the other end in an empty container. After some time, the water will filter itself through the cloth, leaving all the dirt in the first container.

Camping Tip #19: Freeze that water.

Freeze plastic jugs of water and put them into your portable cooler. This will help you keep food cold. Once it melts, you will have water to drink too. This is ideal for family camping or if you're camping in groups, so there must be plenty of food that may need freezing and plenty of mouths that can get thirsty.

Camping Tip #20: Don't get too cold.

If you decide to camp in cold weather, it would be heaven to feel the warmth. Your warm clothes can do this for you, especially in the morning. So, put your tomorrow's clothes in your sleeping bag with you when you go to sleep. It's like having warmth and company even if you sleep or camp alone.

Camping Tip #21: Have a DIY washing machine.

When camping for a long time, a portable washing machine can really come handy. What you will do is take a large plastic bucket, cut a little hole in the lid, put some water and laundry detergent inside. Throw in the dirty clothes and just start stirring it with a bathroom plunger.

Camping Tip #22: Use glass to ignite fire.

If you find yourself out of matches but you need to start a fire, you may already know that you can ignite dry materials using a magnifying glass sun… but that's not just it. Even eyeglasses or any curved glass object can do the trick.

Camping Tip #23: Get the kids enjoying with games.

Camping with kids? Keep them on their toes with the scavenger hunt. This will keep them occupied, exercise their skills and allow them to explore the camping area. Just keep in mind to have them always in sight. Always aim to enjoy but don't forget to be safe.

Camping Tip #24: Remember those knots in Boy Scout.

Don't dismiss your previous lessons in creating knots. Every seasoned camper knows that there are a dozen of different types of knots each with their specific function. Learn even just the basic ones to make your camping trip surprisingly easier.

Camping Tip #25: Bring a frisbee.

Make sure that you have a frisbee with you. You're not just going to use it for fun and games, it can also serve as a plate, a cutting board, an emergency shovel or even a water container. Yes, you can totally maximize your stuff and get creative in utilizing them. A frisbee is the best example, so don't forget to tow one.

Here's a full video on some useful and practical camping tips from List25: 

These tips will really help you when you're out camping either alone, with friends, or with your family. Some you may have already known, but share these camping tips to others especially those who are just starting out. Got more camping tips? Add it to this list too.

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