Solar Power | Innovative Use of Rooftop Real Estate

rooftop solar-power

Solar power and alternative energy have risen in popularity as the price of power rises.
It is beyond imagination to think about the amount of empty rooftop real estate ready for use in this country and around the world.

This property is so valuable and available for occupation, especially when an emergency situation arises.
If you are unaware of its existence and enduring past power outages, just look upwards.

Alternative vs Renewable

Some less knowledgeable people use the terms renewable and alternative as synonyms. However, they don't refer to the same type of energy. Alternative energy is the practice of drilling into the ground to bring various forms of energy to the surface.

Renewable energy will always be available because the sun continues to shine, the wind keeps blowing, the ground keeps giving off heat, and hydrogen is always present in the outer layer of our atmosphere.

Any of these sources can be captured and stored for future use or they are available for immediate use. Solar energy is the fastest-growing source of heat and power in the world.

Alternative energy capture tends to damage the natural infrastructure below ground and into the depths of the ocean. The prevalence of fracking to bring petroleum products to the surface seems to trigger earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Conversely, renewable energy is clean, not environmentally disruptive, and not a contributor to the global warming phenomena.

Availability is Priceless

Back in the day, homeowners on a discovery mission were tapping into solar energy as an experiment. Anyone passing by a residence could see that solar energy was in use.

The huge, heavy solar panels up on the roof were at an optimal angle to catch the sun's bright rays.

Storage systems were ranging from rudimentary to non-existent, so you had to use the energy as soon as the capture was made.

Buildings have valuable real estate with no price tags due to location on rooftops, balconies, or porches – anywhere that sunlight is accessible.

You don't need to own these locations in order to utilize them on a daily or weekly basis, either. Be prepared when the grid goes down so you won't be left in the dark for however long an outage lasts.

Storage Makes the Difference

Solar made big strides over the past 4-5 decades due to the improvements in storage, flexibility of use, and the concealed capture of bright light.

Sunshine is not a requirement as long as daylight is available to the user. You can capture the benefits of solar energy and store it in an appropriate battery for future use.

The batteries range from short-term, light use to whole-structure ongoing power. Panels come in various styles and sizes from the compact to those hidden in roofing shingles.

You do not need to own a home to benefit from off-the-grid power because flexible collectors are in use anywhere there is a surface that faces upwards – except in a dense forest. Storage does make all the difference.

Conceal Energy Capture

New methods of placing rooftop collectors have come to the mainstream consumer market.

After much testing, a new roofing shingle is now available for consideration as you contemplate the replacement of your roof. It is almost impossible to tell that a roof shingle is generating some – or all – of the electricity in use.

Those people who run a business from personal living space can keep working even if the neighbors are in total darkness. The solar energy from a full battery can power computers, tablets, phones, televisions, appliances, and lights.

Indoor gardeners who run lights for growing plants have an alternate way to keep grow lights running. Eager survivalists can bring energy from the sun to anywhere the need for it exists.

Productive Rooftop Real Estate

The manufacturers of the new rooftop shingle put time and effort into three phases of development:

  1. Flexibility of the shingle itself
  2. The joining mechanism on the edge of each shingle
  3. Application technique and sealant

The joining mechanisms to connect the shingles were a particular problem ripe for a solution.

Wires for the transmission of energy into batteries need to fit through the thin profile shingles so no one can detect a regular shingle woven into the pattern next to a solar shingle.

Those wires are deep within every shingle and hooked with a joint connector on each end. This makes it easy to string a row of shingles together.
When a roof is ready for replacement, compare these new shingles to regular shingles normally used and insured.

A building owner who knows that it will be necessary to shelter in place should take every precaution for the occupant's health and safety.

For financial security, emotional peace, and a sealed roof, consider this as a strong suggestion that you take the time and get information on the newest solar collector on the market.

Your roof gets a warranty of 20 years, and you get 20 years of peaceful sleep and contentment as well as free electricity.
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Editor's Note: This article was originally published on June 23, 2014, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

12 Responses to :
Solar Power | Innovative Use of Rooftop Real Estate

  1. R A Myers says:

    I don’t know where Ms. Scott got her definition of “Alternative Energy”, which I first heard of in 1972. So called Fracking (Hydorolic Fracturing) was not in use in the US then.
    In the 1970’s, Alternative Energy meant an alternative means of generating electricity other than the electric mains.
    If you contact Mr. Mike L’Clair at Grid Eraser, you’ll learn that:
    a. He does not agree with Ms. Scotts definition.
    b. He does not know Ms. Scott
    c. He did not give Ms. Scott permission to reference Grid Eraser as the source of her text.
    I suggest that the idea that Alternative Energy damages the earth came from the anti Fracking crowd via Saul Alinsky.

    1. Ms Scott says:

      I am not familiar with Mr L’Clair or a “grid eraser” and neither are the subject of my posting. This is about using solar roofing shingles to re-roof the house, which is what we are planning to do next year. Please take a few moments to re-read my article and give some thought to your accusation against me. Of course, as Mr L’Clair’s promoter, you are welcome to explain the “grid eraser” to others – and myself – who have no knowledge of it.

  2. derek says:

    I have just over 6kw of solar and over twice that in wind turbines. we run everything 120 volt off the battery bank(40 six volt golf cart batteries wired up for 12 volts)in our house. it works you just have to think BIG on the panels and battery bank. if my kids and old lady would learn to conserve I wouldn’t have needed that large of a system or battery bank, but they won’t conserve power. believe it or not my system is plenty large enough to run the frig’s and deep freezes, TV’s, lighting and everything on even the longest winter days. it normally takes about 7 days of badly over cast days to run the system down to where I have to use the genny and let the battery bank charge back up. it just costs a lot of money to do it right!!!

    1. Lauren J says:

      Where do you have your panels placed? Have you ever tried the using your roof for solar panels?

      1. Ms Scott says:

        They function best when placed on a south-facing roof. Some people have no uninhibited roof on the south facing area, so they look at mounting the panels on a rack with optimal exposure to the south. Racking the panels is not an ideal situation, but sometimes it is the only way for them to get optimal power.
        Now that solar roofing shingles are available, it is easy to get two benefits for the price of one. You can have the new roof AND free electricity with a single job! We live in a ranch-style home and the roof is totally exposed to the sun, which is the reason we are looking at this option carefully.

    2. sharil says:

      I am wanting to do this very thing.. have to get hubby on board tho.. can you say what a system might run on an average 1300 sq ft home.. 2 fridges and 1 chest freezer elect stove well pump and basic jousehold lighting and washer.. I think this is so important.. I mean sun it so far not illegal ….

  3. Nick Tedesco says:

    Great post on the benefits of solar power! The recent and rapid growth of renewable energy sources like solar and wind power are long overdue. Solar power is unique in that it offers the potential for the democratization of power. Power to the people! Literally.

    1. Ms Scott says:

      Thanks for your post! People who use “natural” power usually survive a bad situation relatively unscathed. Due to nationwide antiquated infrastucture, power outages are more likely to occur.
      Most electrical power stations are exposed targets and very few communities are checking the feasibility of underground wiring and grid enclosures. This could be critical with all the air traffic, drones and surveillance viewing these stations from the air. Exposed targets are fair game.
      This is the reason that the new roofing shingles are generating public interest. At the moment, they are black and make a great hidden source of electricity. From the sky, they appear to be a roof. From inside the structure, they are potential lifesavers.
      I am waiting for the day when green or brown shingles appear on DIY shelves. When placed in a power field, they cannot be seen as such because they blend into the open spaces without revealing themselves.

  4. russel drinkwater says:

    It is the same here in Australia. Solar is under used, but many people in the last couple of years have installed grid connect solar systems to ease a new medical condition “PBP”! (power bill pain)
    We have 12.5 kw of grid tie where we live and the power company pays us about $300 a month plus what we use for the three houses. I am at present working towards a partial standalone system for my house. Recently I found 2nd hand solar panels 175watt 24 volts for $50 each from a solar system upgrading business, what a bargain! Friends and I bought 100 panels for projects. Have our panels, regulators and good inverters and am now working on getting some good quality storage batteries. Unless you are super rich it takes time to collect the gear as I do not want to get bank loans anymore. Never give up on a dream and slowly work towards it step by step. We have the coal seam gas criminals in this country as well. The damage they are causing still has unknown consequences for us all! Lets hope 2015 is a better year for all.

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