Internet Lifehack Myths

Best Internet Life Hacks | Do They Work?

Life hacks are everywhere these days. It seems like you can’t get on to your favorite website or survival blog without being bombarded with some new lifehack- and for the most part we aren’t complaining. These tips can be as trivial as cutting cheese with floss or at critical and lifesaving as using Doritos for fire kindling- or even more crucial, quickly and efficiently chilling a beer.

What good are all of these tips if only half of them actually work when you need them! Personally, I’ve been burned by internet myths one too many times. And you certainly don’t want to be caught in a survival situation relying on faulty knowledge. We could debunk all of the survival tips and lifehack myths out there, but this video is a good start!

We were really banking on the wine bottle trick, too! We hope you found this video on debunking life hacks useful. Be careful what you read on the internet folks!

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6 Responses to :
Internet Lifehack Myths

  1. kaytee says:

    How about having a text version of this?? Even a transcript would do. Generally, I skip videos, unless I want entertainment.

  2. Gary Barrett says:

    #11, use ceramic/china saucers and a longer knife

  3. carole says:


  4. Gail Feddern says:

    Is it true that electricity can neutralize snake venom?

    I know that hot water will take away the pain from jabs by stingrays and lionfish.

  5. Tadao says:

    If you can’t fold a fitted sheet into a square, you are not following the directions. It’s not that hard. Also I’m a sloppy man who doesn’t do it, but I can.

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